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Is There a "Twin" Temple at Didyma?

Interesting, but brief, article.  We'll have to wait and see what develops.  Cf. this interpretation of the meaning of the word "didyma" from which is run by OTTI, Inc. - perhaps something to do with a governmental office of trade and tourism?

From Voices, Altinkum's English Printed Newspaper
Apollon's twin perhaps?
Posted on Saturday, August 21 @ 12:35:06 CDT

A view of the Temple of Apollo at Didyma, from
GERMAN archaeologists are looking at a new find which could suggest a second temple close to the Temple of Apollo.

They have extended their excavations away from Apollon and have discovered a wall which they consider to be part of another temple – maybe that the Temple is for Artemis – the twin of Apollon.

Representative of Ministry of Culture and Tourism Ferhan Büyükyörük said: “An illegal dig was done in the area previously, which revealed the remains of a wall.

“The excavations team is searching this year to see if there is more to the wall and if it belongs to a structure. Its size and location suggests a building to the south of this wall. Didyma means twin; Apollon was the twin brother of Goddess Artemis.

“This wall might belong to an Artemis Temple. We will see what the excavations unearth.”

The works will continue until September.
More on the Temple of Apollo at Didyma

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Robur d'Amour said...

Didymus Mountain is well-known to English gardeners, because it was the eponym of the man who wrote the first gardening book to be printed in English.

This one:

And a very curious man he was. It's a strange name for a male author to use.

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