Saturday, September 11, 2010

2010 City of Montreal Open Chess Championships, R2 Results

Official count:  204 players!  Congratulations to Club Ahuntsic, the City of Montreal and the Quebec Chess Federation for putting together a great Montreal event!

Top Open pairings, Round 3:

While I know I should be rooting for the American GM Alex Lenderman, who is a very personable young man, I can't help but also root for IM Jean Hebert, Montreal's favorite chess son, who was a rising Canadian star in the early to mid 90's, only to leave chess (more or less, I do not think that anyone who loves chess ever leaves it entirely) and then come back within the last few years, now married with a family and some grey hair!

I see WIM Yuan Yuanling won her R2 game and so now she is at Table 3, and I can watch her game, Lenderman's game and Hebert's game! 

Here are the top Open standings after R2:

Top standings Section B after R2:
Top standings Section C after R2:
Top standings Section D after R2:

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