Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Origins of Chocolate

Cover, November/December 2010
Archaeology Magazine
 It was the Etruscans, baby!  Check out the cover on this month's Archaeology Magazine - GIANT CHOCOLATE ETRUSCAN WIFE AND MATE - still ready to eat after 1,600 years.

Nah, only kidding. LOL!  But they DO look like they're carved from chocolate :)  Check out this abstract of the article, which states that the origins of chocolate date back to at least 1500 BCE! 

I noticed her pointed finger - what that is all about?  A thousand years later, there are chess pieces of queens with the same pointed index finger, and later still, paintings showing Queens and Madonnas with the pointing index finger.  Also, she's left handed!  Hard to believe, but only about 30% of the entire world population is left-handed (included yours truly).  In the "old days", left-handed persons where often killed as "instruments of the Devil."

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