Monday, December 13, 2010

2010 Women's World Chess Championship - Round 4, Game 1

Summary from the official website:

Almira Skripchenko and Zhao Xue
 Only 8 participants are left in the World Championship. Hou Yifan, playing with black pieces, won against Katerina Lahno. Ukrainian player had a little advantage due to the extra pawn but the bishops of the opponent were very strong. Instead of making accurate draw, Katerina Lahno was probably trying to play for more and lost the game.

Humpy Koneru received a position with an advantage and managed to win a pawn. Her opponent Ju Wenjun created some counter play on the king’s side and provoked a mistake from the Indian player. Achieved a comfortable equalization, Ju Wenjun blundered both pawn and game as her position immediately collapsed. Two games, Zhao - Skripchenko and Harika - Ruan, were drawn. In the first game French player Almira Skripchenko grabbed a pawn in a middle game but it was not enough to make a full point. Harika Dronavalli got a position with two bishops in the endgame but, due to accurate play of her opponent Ruan Lufei, didn’t manage to win a game.

Round 4
Round 4 Match 01
Ruan, LufeiCHNWGM2480½½
Harika, DronavalliINDIM2525½½
Round 4 Match 02
Koneru, HumpyINDGM260011
Ju, WenjunCHNWGM252400
Round 4 Match 03
Hou, YifanCHNGM259111
Lahno, KaterynaUKRGM252200
Round 4 Match 04
Zhao, XueCHNGM2474½½
Skripchenko, AlmiraFRAIM2460½½

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