Sunday, May 15, 2011

2011 European Individual Women's Chess Championship

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Standings after R8 - Cimilyte, who was not a favorite coming in, is in first place and good for her!

Rank after Round 8

Rk.NameFEDRtgPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 nwwew-weKrtg+/-
1GMCmilyte ViktorijaLTU25046.5267932.
2IMKhotenashvili BelaGEO24706.5266231.541.586.54.601.901019.0
3GMDanielian ElinaARM25066.0261332.043.0864.901.101011.0
4GMLahno KaterynaUKR25306.0260731.541.0865.220.78107.8
5GMStefanova AntoanetaBUL25066.0259331.542.0865.120.88108.8
6IMJavakhishvili LelaGEO24546.0258630.040.0864.631.371013.7
7GMCramling PiaSWE24686.0258131.040.5864.851.151011.5
8GMKosintseva TatianaRUS25596.0257726.035.5865.810.19101.9
9GMArakhamia-Grant KetevanSCO24626.0255227.536.5865.090.91109.1
10WGMPaikidze NaziGEO24085.5254031.539.585.54.051.451521.8
11IMOvod EvgenijaRUS24045.5253831.040.585.54.001.501015.0
12IMKosintseva NadezhdaRUS25675.5253730.541.085.55.75-0.2510-2.5
13IMMuzychuk AnnaSLO25375.5253229.539.585.55.51-0.0110-0.1
14IMKhurtsidze NinoGEO24365.5252229.
15WGMSavina AnastasiaRUS23895.5249027.036.585.54.331.171011.7
16GMKosteniuk AlexandraRUS25225.5245727.035.585.56.00-0.5010-5.0
17WGMBatsiashvili NinoGEO23995.5245129.037.585.54.870.63159.4
18WGMManakova MariaSRB23035.5235625.533.585.54.301.201518.0
19IMMatveeva SvetlanaRUS23805.5229524.532.085.56.01-0.5110-5.1
20WIMIsgandarova Khayala Ilqar QiziAZE21435.0247225.034.0851.683.321549.8
21IMGalojan LilitARM23775.0245630.039.5854.060.94109.4
22GMHoang Thanh TrangHUN24565.0245426.535.5854.990.01100.1
23WIMKazimova Narmin Nizami QiziAZE22625.0244726.535.0853.031.971529.5
24IMRomanko MarinaRUS23875.0244629.038.0854.320.68106.8
25IMFoisor Cristina-AdelaROU24145.0243629.538.0854.710.29102.9
26IMMelia SalomeGEO24445.0242828.038.0855.15-0.1510-1.5
27IMMkrtchian LilitARM24685.0242728.037.5855.43-0.4310-4.3
28IMBodnaruk AnastasiaRUS24195.0242628.537.5854.830.17101.7
29IMMoser EvaAUT24455.0241825.033.5855.27-0.2710-2.7
30WGMZawadzka JolantaPOL24005.0241727.536.0854.730.27102.7
31IMMuzychuk MariyaUKR24735.0241425.534.0855.59-0.5910-5.9
32WIMBulmaga IrinaROU22845.0238624.533.0853.911.091516.4
33WIMArabidze MeriGEO22775.0238526.535.5853.841.161517.4
34WGMGuramishvili SopikoGEO22995.0238325.533.0853.791.211518.1
35WGMNemcova KaterinaCZE22945.0236629.037.0853.681.321519.8
36WIMAbdulla Khayala Mardan QiziAZE21685.0229322.030.5853.641.361520.4
37WGMPogonina NatalijaRUS24485.0229123.531.5856.38-1.3810-13.8
38GMZhukova NataliaUKR24285.0228120.528.0856.34-1.3410-13.4
39WIMJanjghava NatiaGEO22915.0227523.030.5854.550.45156.8

There are lots of shocks in the current standings. Outstandings players such as GM Nana Dzagnidze (GEO 2557), after such a brilliant finish in the Women's Grand Prix, finds herself in 40th place with 4.5, behind compatriots with much lower ELOs!  On the other hand, I'm glad to see GM Pia Cramling, who's ELO has slipped below 2500, up with the front runners, tied with 6.0.  She competed head to head with the Polgar sisters back in the late 1980's/early 1990's. She was among the first female chessplayers to EARN the GM title in the traditional way males players earn it. Yeah, I know, that was a lifetime ago to a lot of chess fans today who weren't even born until 1997.  On the other hand, my girl Narmin Kazimova from Azerbaijan is hanging tough with 5.0 in 23rd place (out of 130 players).  You go girl! 

There's still a lot more chess to come, though, and the final rounds will be crucial.  This is an 11 round event, so rounds 9, 10 and 11 need to be played - and all bets are off as far as I'm concerned, darlings!  I've absolutely no idea who may take the title or even place in the top 10!  I'm looking for Kosteniuk to make a move, and Lahno too. I don't count out reputed party girl Stefanova, either.  I am also rooting for Salome Melia of Georgia, who won so many hearts and souls in Montreal when she came at our behest and played in the 2009 City of Montreal Open Chess Tournament and finished second overall. 

Stay tuned...

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