Sunday, May 15, 2011

What is a "Lamiak?" - Part 2

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Here is a lush and beautiful interpretation of a "modern" (19th century CE) Lilith by Rosetti, oil on canvas, done about 1868.  Notice the comb in the right hand and the mirror in the left - the same as the "lamiak" depicted in the crest in the photograph of a Basque homestead in the prior post.

I especially like the "magic mirror" in the background, that is reflecting a woodland scene inside the lady's boudouir! 

I dug out an archived website with research by Amy Scerba -- I assume it was done years ago since the website no longer is hosted anywhere but was preserved on the internet archives and I found it using the "wayback" machine.  The Rosetti painting is featured in her research and it makes fascinating reading: Changing Literary Representations of Lilith and the Evolution of a Mythical Heroine.

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