Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Um, Hikaru Nakamura the Next Bobby Fischer?

Well, it is from a St. Louis newspaper :) Let's hope Nakamura is NOT the next Fischer -- he has some maturing to do (personality wise, I cannot speak to his chess maturity) but I would not want to see him end up pulling out his fillings because of paranoid fantasies.

But what has been put together in a concerted effort in St. Louis, Missouri, which if not the exact geographic center of the United States is pretty darn close to it in my book, is exciting and worthy of the kind of attention paid to it in this article. Yes, Virginia, there is a pretty cool life to be had in the Midwest!

Hikaru Nakamura is the next Bobby Fischer -- and the reason St. Louis is suddenly the epicenter of American chess
By Kelsey Whipple Thursday, Jul 21 2011

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