Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What was I thinking?

Oh my.  The other day I went shopping on an impulse - never a good idea.  Fortunately, I didn't have much time.  I made two purchases - a blouse I love and a shrug sweater in a neutral open-weave silk blend knit.  Love it!

Except - I didn't have time to try it on before I bought it.  Bad mistake.  If I'd tried it on, I would never have bought it.  I tried it on when I got home.

Oh my.  Well, it's going back, much as I hate to do it, because I love how it feels, I love the cut and I love the design.  I just HATE how it looks on me. 

This shrug is somewhat similar shape-wise to the one I bought the other day:

However, I look nothing like that in the shrug.  Not even close, sigh.  EPIC FAIL!  The shrug is going back tomorrow.  Live and learn...

Come to think of it, this style of top, somewhat modified, was much loved back in the day by Minoan ladies (and no doubt the men, too):

Frescoe of Minoan ladies from Knossos.

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