Sunday, September 11, 2011

2011 Montreal Chess Championships

Round 4 results and standings have been posted.  WGM L'Ami was bounced from first place to 5th place after a loss behind the black pieces to GM Batuev and - looking at updated standings after R4, FM Louie Jiang (CAN 2327) is currently in 1st place.  L'Ami has white in R5 against Martin Leutschaft.  Can she pull up in the standings?  Here are standings for the A Group.

Corrected player account is 213 (I think) - with 21 chess femmes, for a participation rate of about 10%.

Rank after Round 4

Rk.NameFEDRtgPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1FMJIANG LouieCAN23274.
3GMSAMBUEV BatorCAN25283.50.08.532.0
4MASSE HuguesCAN22393.
5WGML'AMI AlinaROU23683.
6IMNORITSYN NikolayCAN24553.
7CAIRE FrancoisCAN21673.00.08.530.0
8TROTTIER EmileCAN20903.
10IMGERZHOY LeonidCAN25033.
11SCHOTT GuidoGER21843.
12LEPINE CedricCAN20503.
13QIN Zi Yi JoeyCAN21662.50.07.520.0
15GULKO AndreiCAN22152.50.06.539.5
16CHIKU-RATTE Olivier-KentaCAN21142.
17GAGNON SergeCAN21012.
18ZHU Hong RuiCAN19592.
19FMHAMILTON RobertCAN23012.
20ROBICHAUD LouisCAN21142.00.05.532.0
21HAJIYEV ElshadCAN20412.00.05.526.5
22POIRIER ErikCAN20292.00.05.521.5
23RAMASWAMY KishorCAN21402.00.05.520.0
24ZHOU QiyuCAN16602.
25GAUTHIER DenisCAN20002.
26DUMONT FelixCAN19842.
27PAPINEAU DanielCAN20312.
28BERGERON PascalCAN21382.
29POULIN MathieuCAN20512.
30LE DUIN ThierryFRA20792.
31POTTINGER CarlCAN20011.50.05.525.0
32ROY MyriamCAN19571.
33AUGER BertrandCAN19481.
34LIBERSAN ThierryCAN20661.50.03.526.0
35SEGUIN ReneCAN19491.
36LUO Zhao YangCAN19351.
37HIRTH JulienFRA21031.50.02.533.5
38ABA AhmadLEB21001.
39KHASHPER ArkadyISR21151.
40DROLET StephaneCAN20791.
41DESJARDINS MichelCAN19861.00.02.515.5
43FORGET LucCAN20730.50.01.520.0
44TWESIGYE Derick JoshuaCAN21290.50.01.510.0
45CVETKOVIC SimeonCAN20650.
46FIEDLER BrianCAN20720.
47YUN ChangCAN19900.50.00.530.5
48ROUSSEAU DanielCAN20710.
Tie Break1: The results of the players in the same point group#results against
Tie Break2: Fide Tie-Break
Tie Break3: Sum of Buchholz-Tie-Breaks (all Results)

Updated shortly after 7 p.m. St. Louis time - current results in the A Group - all games either not yet finished or results not yet reported:

Round 5 on 2011/09/11 at 15:00

16FMJIANG Louie 232740 - 1GMSAMBUEV Bator 25281
28MASSE Hugues 2239IMHEBERT Jean 24164
310SCHOTT Guido 218430 - 13IMGERZHOY Leonid 25032
43IMNORITSYN Nikolay 245531 - 03TROTTIER Emile 209024
55WGML'AMI Alina 236833LEUTSCHAFT Martin 209923
612CAIRE Francois 216731 - 03LEPINE Cedric 205033
721GAGNON Serge 2101½ - ½GULKO Andrei 22159
811KRAIOUCHKINE Nikita 2181½ - ½QIN Zi Yi Joey 216613
919ROBICHAUD Louis 211421 - 0CHIKU-RATTE Olivier-Kenta 211418
1015BERGERON Pascal 213820 - 12PAPINEAU Daniel 203135
1126LE DUIN Thierry 207921 - 02POIRIER Erik 202936
1232POULIN Mathieu 205121 - 02GAUTHIER Denis 200038
1348ZHOU Qiyu 166020 - 12HAJIYEV Elshad 204134
1443ZHU Hong Rui 195921 - 0POTTINGER Carl 200137
1547LUO Zhao Yang 1935½ - ½HIRTH Julien 210320
1630LIBERSAN Thierry 20661 - 0AUGER Bertrand 194846
1744ROY Myriam 1957½ - ½SEGUIN Rene 194945
1841DESJARDINS Michel 19861½ - ½1SASSEVILLE Jean 198940
1931CVETKOVIC Simeon 2065½0 - 11KHASHPER Arkady 211517
207FMHAMILTON Robert 230120not paired
2114RAMASWAMY Kishor 214020not paired
2216TWESIGYE Derick Joshua 2129½0not paired
2322ABA Ahmad 210010not paired
2425DROLET Stephane 207910not paired
2527FORGET Luc 2073½0not paired
2628FIEDLER Brian 2072½0not paired
2729ROUSSEAU Daniel 207100not paired
2839YUN Chang 1990½1not paired
2942DUMONT Felix 198420not paired

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