Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hales Corners Chess Challenge XIV!

Hola darlings!  Well, I resigned in another game tonight that I'm playing with Shira Evans Sanford over at  She made a move I didn't anticipate and I decided to resign instead of make another move or two with my hopelessly outgunned king.  I will never learn, it seems.  Oh well.  The other game is still going on; I probably just grabbed a poisoned pawn.  LOL!  Such is my chessplaying career.

This Saturday is the day!  After due consideration, knowing my limitations as a player and the limits of my endurance, I have arranged to play in only the first three games, so I will not have to play that killer 6 p.m. round.  Thank Goddess! 

Today is the last day to pre-register for the discounted price - here's the form - fill it out and send it in!  Hope to see you there, especially a lot of chess femmes.  Come introduce yourselves - I'm really not fierce at all, I just look mean :)  Pay no attention to those prior murder convictions, they were all reversed on appeal, darlings (and none of the victims were females).

In the herstory of the Hales Corners Challenges, the best turnouts were HCC IX...04/2009 (56+51=107)AMANOV,YOUNG,SANTARIUS,KOHLENBERG tied for first in the Open; and HCC XIII..04/2011 (57+48=105)STAMNOV,MENON,BREIDER,RAGHAVAN tied for first in the Open.

It would make me (and our sponsors) very happy to see a great turnout.  I am very encouraged, tonight, by going through the list of pre-registered players - there are 7 that I count (not including me) in the Reserve section despite there not being any Goddesschess prizes up for grabs other than paid entry for the top finishing female player for the next HCC.  In the Open, things aren't looking so good for pre-registration of female players - but I'm not familiar with some of the names -- maybe I'm missing a couple?  Sure hope so!

Hales Corners Challenge XIV

USCF Grand Prix Points: 10. October 22, 2011.

4SS, G/60. 2 Sections: Open & Reserve (under 1600).
Wyndham Milwaukee Airport Hotel—4747 S. Howell Avenue—Milwaukee— 414-481-8000 (mention Southwest Chess Club for $69 room rate) (near airport). EF: $35-

Open, $25-Reserve, both $5 more after 10/19. Comp EF for USCF 2200+, contact TD for details. $$ Open=1st-$325 (guaranteed), 2nd-$175 (guaranteed),
A-$100, B & Below-$75; $$ Reserve =1st-$100, 2nd-$75, D-$50, E & Below- $40.

Reg: 8:30-9:30, Rds: 10-1-3:30-6. Entries/Questions to Tom Fogec—5671 Garland Lane— Greendale, WI 53129; 414-405-4207 (cell)

Goddesschess prizes for top-scoring women:

Open Section: Each victory earns $40; each draw earns $20, plus top-scoring female wins free entry to Hales Corners Challenge XV (April 21, 2012).

Reserve Section: Top-scoring female wins free entry to Hales Corners Challenge XV (April 21, 2012).
Pre-Registered Players, as of October 19th:

No. Name St Rate
1 Santarius, Erik WI 2381
2 Betaneli, Alex WI 2314
3 Sawalani, Navin WI 2249
4 Williams, William WI 2200
5 Waller, Matthew WI 2163
6 Smail, Benedict A WI 2125
7 Becker, Allen J WI 2000
8 Jing, Aaron WI 2000
9 Hoffman, Guy G WI 1905
10 Mhaskar, Rohan WI 1875
11 Thomas, Tyler Stev WI 1857
12 Reese, Jr, Gregory WI 1842
13 Bruch, Robert M WI 1837
14 Grochowski, Andrew WI 1836
15 Sun, Abe IL 1814
16 Coons, James Jay WI 1754
17 Ulrich, Rachel J WI 1721
18 Franek, Martin Joh IL 1715
19 Sagunsky, David L WI 1698
20 Cai, Yuanqi WI 1620
21 Hernandez, Joseph WI 1603
22 Myaskovsky, Dmitry WI 1599
23 Corcoran, Benjamin WI 1586
24 Campbell, John Ser WI 1579
25 Thomas, Ryan Andre WI 1517
26 Shelobolin, Filipp WI 1325
27 Shi, Qingde WI 1317
28 Karimikonda, Teja WI 1242


No. Name St Rate
1 Shefsky, Michael W WI 1586
2 Dreuth, Adam Willi WI 1572
3 MacLeish, Brian WI 1568
4 Padilla, Rudy R IL 1509
5 Etzel, Steven W WI 1504
6 Kaczmarek, Daniel WI 1467
7 Wright, Gary M WI 1395
8 Reese, Sr., Greg WI 1383
9 Ballweg, Tim Donal WI 1373
10 Pahl, Sandra R WI 1342
11 Huang, Alena WI 1335 12 Holmes, Russ WI 1302
13 Ulrich, Susanna G WI 1279
14 Loomer, Xavier Mar WI 1182
15 Murali, Anjana WI 1169
16 Venkat, Abhyudhaya WI 1062
17 Hobson, Jonathan J WI 1033
18 Hall, Jay Roy WI 1006
19 Huang, Sabrina WI 914
20 Wanek, Ellen A WI 906
21 Shi, Stephen WI 823
22 Murali, Ananya WI 753
23 Mehta, Moulik WI 672
24 Newton, Jan L WI 579 (here I am, wooowooo!)
25 Burgin, W H WI 458
26 Windsor, Charles B WI     

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Karimikonda, Teja WI 1242 is a young woman.


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