Monday, October 31, 2011

Southwest Chess Club Action!

I am proud to say that my adopted chess club is one of the most active in the area and the principals work hard to make sure that the members (including honorary members like yours truly) are informed of events!  During the past year, especially, the Southwest Chess Club blog has also improved in providing more timely information on SW Chess Club events and other local and state-wide events.  Kudos to Southwest Chess Club!  The following copied rom the email I received earlier today:

This Thursday (and the following two Thursdays) the Southwest Chess Club presents the Gusty Gales of November Swiss (see below for details). We plan to start promptly at 7:00 p.m. Registration is 6:30-6:50 p.m. I plan to close the registration at 6:50. If you arrive after first-round pairings are prepared, you may have to take a 1/2-point bye in the first round.

However, if you want to play but anticipate being a few minutes late, please e-mail me at (, or call me (414-405-4207) prior to 5:00 p.m. this Thursday, November 3, so I can include you in the pairings. If you need a first round bye please let me know as soon as possible and you can have one. Hope to see everybody on Thursday.

Tom Fogec/Tournament Director/414-405-4207

Gusty Gales of November Swiss: November 3, 10 & 17
3-Round Swiss in Two Sections (Open and Under-1600).
Game/100 minutes. USCF Rated. EF: $5. One ½-Point
Bye Available for any round (except round three) if requested
at least 2-days prior to round).
TD is Tom Fogec; ATD is Robin Grochowski.

EXTRA: “David’s Best Game Prize” There will be a $5.00 "Best Game" prize for the Gusty Gales of November Swiss tournament, which will be awarded by David Dathe. This prize will be awarded for the most interesting game played in the tournament. Mr. Dathe will be the judge of any games submitted. All tournament players are encouraged to submit a game. Please submit the game to the TD. The game needs to be legible (readable) so the game can be properly analyzed. All games need to be turned in by the end of the tournament.

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Anonymous said...

Best club in all the land, and I should know, as I have been around some.

Johnny Appleseed

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