Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Naughty, Naughty Cross!

Were some of the carvings Sheela na-gigs?  Did Old Satan's Daughter do a number on Father Blake the way she did to "Reverend Lee" as sung by the fabulous Roberta Flack?  And what an oxymoron - a "pagan cross."  LOL!

Archaeologists uncover mystery of over-zealous priest, fairies and a buried pagan cross

Search is on for legendary Wicklow cross which vanished 60 years ago

Published Tuesday, January 24, 2012, 8:28 AM

A Wicklow community is on the search for a legendary pagan cross that vanished from their St. Patrick’s Church parish 60 years ago.

The Independent
reports that there are disparaging rumors as to why the granite cross may have vanished. Some say that local residents believed the cross was attracting fairies. Others believe it was buried by then priest Fr Matthew Blake, mainly because of its graphic carvings which displayed women and their “exaggerated genitalia.”

The vanished cross was nearly forgotten about until it appeared in an old photo of the Church on the town’s Facebook page. Now, a team of local volunteers, led by their local war memorial committee, is on the search for the legendary cross.

With permission from the clergy, a grounds survey was conducted around the church where the cross may have been buried. A dig is expected to begin in May.

Stan J O’Reilly, who is secretary of the town’s historical society, said of the missing cross, "I've asked a lot of people about it and the story is that the parish priest at the time, Fr Blake, saw something on it he did not like -- something like a nude figure, which was possibly a 'sheela na gig'.”

Believing that it is more than likely that the disappearance of the cross was Fr Blake’s doing, O’Reilly called Fr Blake a “very determined man.”

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