Saturday, August 18, 2012

2012 Chess Olympiad

Hola darlings!

The next big international chess event on the horizon is the Chess Olympiad.  Official website.

I really love the by-line "Let's meet where the continents meet..."  Actual OTB action begins on August 28th, 10 days away!

List of registered countries

Of course, I'm biased toward my home country of the USA, and Mr. Don's country, Canada.  But I have individual player favorites, too, and they're from all over the place!

I'm not sure I counted exactly right, but it appears that 131 countries this year are sending women's team to the Olympiad, and 162 men's teams.  In this day and age, so sad and shame on you, countries, for shorting female chess players their chance to play on an international stage!  It isn't necessarily poor countries, either, that are not fielding a team of female chess players.  You can see for yourself from the list of registered countries which ones are not fielding a female team.  I think it speaks for itself.

USA Women:
PhotoBoardNameFIDE IDRatingTitle
1Zatonskih, Anna141015722510IM
2Krush, Irina20127822464IM
3Foisor, Sabina12129152364WGM
4Goletani, Rusudan136011052341IM
5Ambrahamyan, Tatev133019182329WGM

On the USA Men's Team, I will be rooting for GM Ray Robson (2601), who is the Board 5 players.  While the youngest team member by far, he is already a seasoned veteran!  Go Ray!

Canadian Women:
PhotoBoardNameFIDE IDRatingTitle
1Khoudgarian, Natalia26021212158WIM
2Peng, Jackie26098191944WCM
3Orlova, Yelizaveta26018261947WCM
4Botez, Alexandra26033652021WCM
5Lacau-Rodean, Iulia12112851999
Three of these women did not play in the 2012 Canadian Women's National Championship.   One - Jackie Peng - quit after playing some rounds and not scoring very well. Stay tuned for further action.

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