Sunday, August 5, 2012

At the Met: The Dawn of Egyptian Art

The Dawn of Egyptian Art         
April 10–August 5, 2012 Accompanied by a catalogue and an Audio Guide

(This piece isn't identified, but judging from the tiny hole drilled in the "bottom," it was a pectoral worn around the neck.  Looks like a double turtle.  I don't have a date or place of origin -- it came from the advertisement for the exhibition catalogue.) 
During the Predynastic and Early Dynastic Periods (ca. 4000–2650 B.C.), people living in the Nile Valley began recording their beliefs through paintings, sculptures, and reliefs made for their shrines and tombs. These works of art capture the evolving world view of these early Egyptians. Images of people, animals, and landscapes, some of which give rise to hieroglyphs, include forms and iconography that remained in use throughout the art of Pharaonic Egypt. This exhibition brings together some 175 objects gathered from the Metropolitan Museum's important collection of early art and from the collections of twelve other museums in the U.S. and Europe to illustrate the origins and early development of ancient Egyptian art.

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