Monday, November 19, 2012

Will Dronavilli Prevail?

From The Times of India

D Harika to meet Zhao Xue in quarterfinals of World Women's Chess Championship

After drawing two games under normal time control both Nadezhda and Tatiana shared a victory each in the rapid games. In the subsequent ten-minute tiebreaker, Nadezhda won from a difficult position in the middle game and then held on to win the match.

In other tiebreak matches, it was China all the way as Ju Wenjun ousted Natalia Zhukova of Ukraine and Huang Qian showed Irina Krush the exit door in the rapid games itself.

The USD 450000 Championship is now down to eight players from 64 in the first round. The winner here will get to play a match with Yifan Hou of China in 2013 to decide the next world champion.

Big names of the game have exited the championship already. The top three seeds -- Koneru Humpya, Yifan Hou and Anna Muzychuk -- packed their bags after the second round and fifth seed Kateryna Lahno faced a similar situation too.

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