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2013 Chicago Open

Hola darlings!

I do not ordinarily follow events in which male players are the primary focus, but since so many of my favorite player male players participated in this event, I'm reporting on the male players' top results:

Chicago Open
May 23-27, 2013

The 22nd Annual Chicago Open was held May 23-27, 2013, at the Westin Chicago North Shore Hotel, 601 North Milwaukee Ave, Wheeling, Illinois.

GMs Ray Robson, Josh Friedel and Nikola Mitkov all finished tied at the top of the Open Section with 7/9. Robson and Friedel took a quick draw in the final round to ensure they finished at the top while Mitkov beat overnight leader Alex Lenderman, who also lost in round 8 to Friedel, to join them. Each player collected $5833.34 for their efforts while Robson took home an additional $200 bonus for having the best tie-break score of the three. (Below official cross-table of the "Top Ten":)

Chicago Open 2013 Standings – Open Section

Final Standings

# Name Rtng St Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Rd 7 Rd 8 Rd 9 Tot
1 GM Ray Robson 2620 MO D43 W79 W47 D13 W20 W7 D6 W4 D2 7.0
2 GM Joshua E Friedel 2485 WI W44 D65 W43 D7 W24 D13 W8 W6 D1 7.0
3 GM Nikola Mitkov 2484 MKD W57 W54 H— H— D61 W11 D13 W21 W6 7.0
4 IM Edward Porper 2423 CAN W42 W75 D8 D18 W27 D61 W14 L1 W13 6.5
5 GM Alexander Shabalov 2544 PA D79 D41 W31 L24 W72 D15 W29 W16 W17 6.5
6 GM Aleksandr Lenderman 2585 NY W51 W40 W28 D61 W14 W8 D1 L2 L3 6.0
7 GM Varuzhan Akobian 2616 KS W29 W53 D10 D2 W16 L1 W25 D12 D11 6.0
8 GM Victor Mikhalevski 2551 ISR W48 W26 D4 W25 W9 L6 L2 W33 D10 6.0
9 GM Fidel Corrales 2604 CUB W31 W78 D25 W17 L8 D10 D16 W19 D12 6.0
10 GM Alex Yermolinsky 2497 SD W55 W60 D7 L14 W47 D9 W37 D13 D8 6.0
11 GM Mikheil Kekelidze 2509 GEO D30 W63 D15 D78 W53 L3 W41 W26 D7 6.0
12 GM Alexander Fishbein 2506 NJ L54 W57 D41 W55 D15 W60 W34 D7 D9 6.0

Yes, there were chess femmes who also played OTB in the Open.  I've tried to pick them out - no guarantees I've got them all or have not inadvertently included a male player because I do NOT check each and every player's name with whom I am not familiar, so sorry.  None of the ladies finished in the money (Open):

17 IM Irina Krush 2470 NY D45 W73 W65 L9 L37 W51 W15 W39 L5 5.5
51 WGM Anna Sharevich 2265 BLR L6 W85 D22 D67 D36 L17 W68 H— H— 4.5
58 WFM Sarah Chiang 2098 TX L15 L49 W52 L30 L56 W90 L67 W83 W74 4.0
91 WIM Viktorija Ni 2262 IL L21 D71 D89 L57 L85 L59 U— U— U— 1.0

Standings shown in tie-break order. Tie-breaks: 1. Modified median.

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