Monday, June 24, 2013

A Couple Personal Super Moon Photos

Hola darlings!

These are not the best quality, but I did get out last night and took several photographs of the Super Moon from the vantage point of my front yard near the end of my garage.  I forgot about getting out at Moon rise due east which happened a few hours earlier (I was busy ripping carpeting off my staircase), but the photos I took were looking toward the southeast and the Moon was just beautiful!  I wish I could have captured it much better.  Oh well.

These photographs that I'm posting remind me a little of water-colors; they were taken about 10:00 p.m. last night.  It was very humid and "dewey" last night -- at one point yesterday the dew point was at SEVENTY!  In Milwaukee, Wisconsin!  Holy Hathor!  Dew point is worse than humidity.  I have discovered over the past several years, since local weather forecasts have started reporting on dew points, that I get extremely uncomfortable at anything over 55.  Sixty is torture.  Seventy is HELL.

The photo below is the best of the photos I took -- slightly less blurred looking and no water spots (or Phantom Moons, as I prefer to think of them):

I wished Mr. Don was here to see this with me.  Even my poor photo captures the incredible beauty of the Moon's light bouncing off the clouds last night, and the partial echo of the Moon's incredible glow from the street lamp.

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