Sunday, March 30, 2014

2014 Grand Pacific Open

Hola everyone!  This year's Grand Pacific Open takes place April 18 - 21, 2014 in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

As you know, Goddesschess is funding prizes for the chess femmes again this year and providing a little extra to help defer some costs. 


It's just a few weeks away now, woo woo!  Someday perhaps I will be able to travel to British Columbia, I really would like to see that part of the world. 

So far there are 89 pre-registered players in the Premier and U1800 Sections, plus another 15 players in the YCC.  The highest rated female players are WGM Katerine Rohonyan, who lives in Seattle, Washington (USA) FIDE 2299, CFC 2351 and Alice Xiao, FIDE 1874, CFC 2007, living in Vancouver.  I did not see WFM Chouchanik Airapetian's name on the list, so she must have withdrawn.  Darn.  No re-match of the two top female players from last year's event after all.

But this also opens up the possibility for other chess femmes to win Goddesschess prizes!

Stay tuned.  As we are still quite a way out from final registration I won't have a full list of female competitors for awhile yet. Last year, Rohonyan finished in 4th place in the Open with 4.5/6, just out of tournament prize money (but she won top Goddesschess prize). 

There is a Facebook page. 

Rah rah rah, chess femmes!  I'm looking forward to following the action :)

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