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One Day Chess Camp in Sheboygan, WI with NMs Rachel Ulrich and Richard Martin !!!

Hola Darlings!

Goddesschess is pleased to provide funding for this fabulous FIRST OF ITS KIND event in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.  Please note:  Goddesschess is paying the registration fees for ALL female participants, regardless of age/experience level.  

So - let me cut to the chase, darlings!  As you may know, Rachel Ulrich, one of the fabulous chess-playing Ulrichs siblings (Tommy, Anne, Rachel, and Susanna, children of Jim and Janet Ulrich) - recently earned her U.S. National Master title at the age of 14 after yet another great tournament performance at the April, 2015 Hales Corners Chess Challenge.  Through behind-the-scenes communications and what-not that I won't bore you with all of the details, a wonderful and first-of-its-kind event has been arranged for JUNE 11, 2015 in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.  Here are the details:

The Sheboygan TUE KNIGHT CHESS CLUB has an awesome opportunity to host a VERY INSPIRING SUMMER CHESS CAMP DAY  event !

Featuring :
 TEEN National Chess Master Rachel Ulrich ! 
 One of the TOP 30 Female Players in AMERICA & Wisconsin's Highest Ranked Female Player !
Current USCF RATING : 2200

12 yr. Susanna Ulrich 
 National Master Richard Martin III 

Goddesschess has provided funding to pay the
Registration Fees for Females of all ages !!  FREE REGISTRATION

 It is an honor to have NM Rachel Ulrich & Susanna as our special guests and I want it to be a packed attendance ! 
Very Limited Space so  PLEASE REPLY EMAIL NOW so I can register you.     DETAILS BELOW...
Ellen Wanek  :o)
(920) 452-8743

  THUR JUNE 11 th , 2015   
Glas coffee house Conference Room 
924 N. 14th. St.   Sheboygan 

10AM - 4PM with Tactical / Strategy Lesson/ Lecture,  Puzzles,  Personal Q & A time , Game Analysis and Simuls w/ the Masters ! 
(Prizes for those who Win or Draw)

Our Chess Club has no funds so I will have to ask for a small Registration Fee to cover NM's lessons, Ulrich family expenses to Sheboygan & Event Prizes.

INDIVIDUAL :   $ 25  ( includes the $10  National Master Simul ) 
FAMILY    :        $ 50   ( includes the $10  National Master Simul ) 


My dear chess-buddy, Ellen Wanek, lives in Sheboygan and has dedicated years to teaching chess to students of all ages, but especially to students in primary schools.  Ellen is also one of the driving forces behind Chess in the Park during the summer in Sheboygan where chess is also taught to beginners!

I first met Ellen online - I forget exactly how it happened now, duh!  Regardless, we found each other, that's the important thing!  I've had the opportunity to play with Ellen at some of the Hales Corners Chess Challenges (when my health was better and I had the stamina to do so).  Ever since I first "introduced" her to Goddesschess and its financial support for women's prizes at the Hales Corners Chess Challenges, Ellen has played in every Challenge!  We have become good friends.  She is one of the kindest, most loving, gentle and cheerful souls it has ever been my privilege to meet.  We are such opposites in so many ways, we are a perfect match of friends, LOL!

I was out of touch with Ellen while I was in Las Vegas on vacation, so I cannot truthfully tell you whether all the spaces for the chess camp and/or the simul with NM Rachel Ulrich and NM Richard Martin have been filled.  So, please contact Ellen directly with your inquiries about the Summer Camp.

Any excess Goddesschess funds not used to pay for registration fees will be applied to providing prizes for players and to help defray costs incurred by the chess instructors for their gracious participation in this great event.

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Elie-Mae said...

Oh Dear Jan, you did an awesome job on your blog, ( as always! ) but my heart was really really
touched by your description of friendship! I hope you know the feeling is mutual !!! Can you feel my long distant "hug" via this email???

Thank you again for your generosity and dedication to female Chess!
Love, Ellen 😊

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