Monday, October 22, 2007

Bluuuuuueeeeee Tonight, Darlings

Hola darlings. I don't know what it is - the weather? It was beautiful this weekend, we got up to 77 degrees on Sunday and it was mostly sunny, not a drop of rain, and breezy both Saturday and Sunday. Except for the Invasion of the Flesh-Eating Asian Beetles (they are fake ladybugs - they look like ladybugs except their shells are orange with black dots, not red with black dots like the true ladybugs - and the fakes BITE), it was gorgeous outside and I did enjoy it as much as I could, while dodging flesh-eating beetles. But I have the blues. Wooh hoo hoo, really got 'em bad. Don't know why. Maybe hormones? I didn't think I had any left, LOL! Well, whatever. Still got the blues, I'm going to go make supper in a few moments and at 9 p.m. The Bachelor comes on. Now darlings, don't ask me why I watch such a silly program - I have a confession - I also watch Dancing with the Stars. EEK! Now if only I could stick my head and face on top of 56 year old Jane Seymour's fabulous body (we're the same age), I'd rule the world, I swear I would... Enjoy tonight's posts. I'm feeling so out of it, I haven't felt much like posting, it's been an effort to do these few posts tonight (see below). I managed only one on Sunday. Geez! Hope this blues funk is over soon.

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