Thursday, December 21, 2017

Thoughts and Memories on a Happy Winter Solstice!

Hola, darlings!

Happy Winter Solstice and Happy Holidays to all from Goddesschess.  May we all share many more to come, together, and enjoy much comradery, companionship and love this holiday season and for years to come.

Snow, snow, snow, snow, SNOW!  This was a recent view from the front door of Maison Newton retirement cottage - the first serious snow of the season (December 2017).  It's all melted away since then (YES!), but - right on cue - it's snowing today.  DRAT. Looks like we may have a white Christmas here.

What is Christmas without a tree?  This year's version is simple, but sentimentally filled with the hand-blown Egyptian glass ornaments Mr. Don and I bought one Christmas season while out on our annual Christmas Eve shopping spree, gold French ribbon that sat patiently in its storage bin for several years, and assorted ornaments gathered over the years, some dollar-store specials :)

Who are those gorgeous women, oh my!  This pic was snapped by Mr. Don on Christmas Day 2008 in Las Vegas.  It rained and was typhoon-like weather all day and night there, LOL!  We had jumped on a plane on Christmas Eve (got a break in the weather!!!) and made a surprise visit to Georgia a/k/a Isis, one of the founding members of Goddesschess, and her daughter Michelle.  We cooked up a big meal and had a great time.  Later that evening Mr. Don and I went to see Phantom of the Opera at the Venetian Theatre.  It was fabulous - he got so excited, I thought he would fly out of his seat a couple of times at the special effects.  Ahhhh, and that incredible music!  I can sing (badly) practically the entirety of Andrew Lloyd Webber's rock opera in my sleep, I've listened to it so much over the years and love it that much more.  We flew back to my hometown on December 26th.  It was a wonderful get-away!  Hard to believe that was nine years ago, already, and Mr. Don has been gone for five. 

Each day is so precious.  Spend them wisely, and never hesitate to tell somebody how much you love them.

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