Friday, April 3, 2020

WIM Arianne Caioli Dead at 33 (1986 - 2020)

Sad news.  I remember many years ago reading about two chessplayers who got into a fistfight over her at a FIDE event.

Not accredited.  Photo found at Public Radio of Armenia website.
Caioli and her husband GM Levon Aronian.

Caioli was married to GM Levon Aronian in 2017.  She died in hospital on March 30, 2020 two weeks after being involved in a serious car crash.


New York Times, "Arianne Caoili, Chess Master, is Dead at 33," by Dylan Loeb McClain, April 2, 2020., "Chess Champ Levon Aronian's Wife Died Two Weeks After Crash," by Asbarez Staff, March 31, 2020.

St. Louis Chess Club (video at Youtube), "2019 Croatia Grand Chess Tour: WIM Arianne Caioli Interview," by GM Maurice Ashley, July 6, 2019. 

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Southwest Chess Club Events Going Online!!!!

Hola darlings!  I hope you are all staying safe from the nasty novel coronavirus pandemic that is currently making it's way slowly (and in some places, not so slowly) into our Heartland.  Most of  you are too young to remember Kojak (performed so brilliantly by the actor Telly Savalas).  His rep line (for the more mature among us, his catchphrase) was "Who loves ya, baby?"  SOUTHWEST CHESS CLUB, that's who! 

The Heartland loves our CHESS, yes, Yes, YES!  And so, my dear adopted chess club is taking the action online, whoo whoo!  Spiff up your games, darlings, and join in the fun.  Chess people are the best people, and you won't ever find a nicer group anywhere but online with the Southwest Chess Club!


The Southwest Chess Club will be hosting online events, starting this Thursday.
This Thursday at 7:00 pm we will hold a 2-round, Game/30 minutes (with 5-second increment) event.

(1)  if you are already a member, then join the online SWCC club by clicking

(2)  if you aren't a member yet, they offer free/basic membership (and other premium memberships).  To sign up for a basic (free) membership, go to:
              and, then join the SWCC Club on

(3)  Here is how you join the tournament on Thursday evening:
      You must have completed the above steps before the start time (7:00 pm).
      Then, there are three different ways to get into the tournament:
           * Click this direct link to the tournament:
           * Go to:  Connect > Clubs > Southwest Chess Club                                         
            * Go to:  Play > Live >  Tournaments                                                                             (then choosing "Upcoming" or "In Progress")
                   (you choose "upcoming" if it's before 7:00 pm, or "in progress" if you arrive late)

(4)   Once you get to the tournament you must click on the "Join" button (link).
Now you are in the "playing hall".  Again, you should do this before the designated start time.  At the start time (or shortly thereafter) the site will create pairings and players will be thrust into their games.

Please email if you have suggestions for future events.  We will have "Action" events (Game/20, for example) and "Blitz" (Game 3 with 4-second increment, e.g.).  Your input is welcome.  Also, if anyone would like to help out (becoming an "Admin" so you can help run these events) let Allen Becker know.
If you run into any snags on Thursday night, feel free to email Allen, or text/call:  414-807-0269
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