Saturday, February 1, 2020

Chess Collectors International Biennial Meeting - MEET US IN ST. LOUIS!

Hola darlings!  Now that I've got all of the Christmas decor finally put away once again until the day after Thanksgiving 2020, the house is decorated snug and cozy for our cold and snowy winter, and all my prep for Super Bowl is ready even though my beloved Packers aren't playing, it's back to the regular routine of sometimes blogging. 

The CCI International meeting that's held every two years in different places around the world is  going to be in St. Louis, Missouri this year, home of the St. Louis Chess Club and the World Chess Museum in a wonderful area of St. Louis right across the street from each other. 

I attended a CCI meeting there in 2009 and found it well worth the trip, as well as greatly enjoying my leisurely exploration of the neighborhood around the venue and the classic, elegant hotel (the Chase Park Plaza) where we were staying and the lectures and chess auction were held, sponsored by the CCI.  I did several entries from St. Louis at the time including lots of photographs from my explorations around the neighborhood at this blog.

The meeting will be held May 27 - 31, 2020 in St. Louis.  Below are the contents of the Invitation, Registration Form, and Provisional Program for the meeting.  Unfortunately, it's far beyond my meager blogger capabilities to attach the documents as PDFs/Word Dox, but I'm sure Tom Gallegos would be happy to send you the forms in the format required via email upon request (Tom's contact information is listed in the Invitation information below.

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