Monday, October 8, 2018

Hales Corners Chess Challenge 28 (Forget the Roman Numerals Already, Pul-leeze!)

Hola Darlings!

Yes, I am still alive and kicking, just been uber-busy protesting the hell out of what's been going on politically in our country and working on registering voters (particularly FEMALE voters, YAY!), sending out more money than I can afford to back candidates (all won their primaries, now fingers crossed for mid-terms), writing my too large butt off on political commentary sites and throwing verbal bombs EVERYWHERE!  I am a tornado in action.  Or maybe I should call myself a HERricane...

Anyway, back to chess, at least for this splinter of time that it takes me to post about Goddesschess' relationship with the Hales Corners Chess Club since Challenge VIII.  I'm getting too old to fuss about writing out 28 - which is the Challenge that is unfolding NEXT WEEK!!!

Goddesschess is sponsoring prizes again this Challenge, including the annual Don McClean Award of $100 to the top finishing male player in the Open and $50 to the top finishing male player in the Reserve sections.  This is in honor of our dearly beloved and now departed long-time Goddesschess partner and former webmaster genius extraordinaire, Don McClean, who passed away far too young in 2012. 

There are also Goddesschess prizes for the chess femmes, which are awarded in addition to whatever other prizes players (both female and male) may also qualify for.  Whoop whoop!  Chess femme prizes:

Open:  $50 per win/$25 per draw
Reserve:  $20 per win/$10 per draw
Perfect Score:  Open $100; Reserve $50

Here's the scoop - it's this SATURDAY, darlings!  Where has the time flown, Geez Louise.  I think the warm sunny weather here today after Monsoon season (you'd think we lived in the tropics, except for the temperatures, for pete's sake!) tricked me into thinking it's still summer.  Oh well.  BETTER LATE THAN NEVER!  Register today, pul-leeze! 

Love you all, smooches from Jan.

Dear chessplayers,

Coming SATURDAY, October 13, 2018, the Southwest Chess Club will be presenting the Hales Corners Challenge XXVIII at the Hilton Garden Inn in Oshkosh.  This will be a USCF Grand Prix event, USCF Junior Grand Prixevent, and a Wisconsin Tour event.  The flyer is online (print and mail it in to enter), and also below in text format.

You may enter (and pay) online, using the following link:

Here is the blog post where we will post pre-entries and news updates for the event.

Some notable features:

Numerous Masters and Experts typically play in our Challenge events.  So far, IM Erik Santarius has entered the event!

* USCF Grand Prix (10 points),  USCF Junior Grand Prix event, and Wisconsin TOUR event.

 Goddesschess Prizes for female chess players:  $50 for each win and $25 for each draw in the Open Section and $20 for each win and $10 for each draw in the Reserve Section.  Plus, a "Perfect Score Prize for Females"  $100 in Open Section, $50 in Reserve Section. 
Don McLean Award for Top Finishing Male in each Section: $100 in Open/$50 in Reserve.

*  Two Sections, and Class Prizes that give everyone a chance to win a prize.
NOTE:   If you haven't paid your entry fee by 9:30 am on Saturday you run the risk of not being paired in Rd 1.

Southwest Chess Club

Hales Corners Challenge XXVIII
Sponsored by The Southwest Chess Club 

Saturday, October 13, 2018
Two Sections – Open & Reserve (Under 1600)

FORMAT:  Four Round Swiss System - Four Games in One Day - USCF Rated 

TIME CONTROL:  Game in 60 Minutes; 6 second delay

ENTRY FEE:  $40 – Open;  $30 – Reserve
(both sections $10 more after October 11, 2018)

Comp Entry Fee for USCF 2200+:  Entry fee subtracted from any prizes won

SITE REGISTRATION: 8:30 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.
ROUNDS:  10 am -- 1 pm -- 3:30 pm -- 6 pm 

Pairings by WinTD---No Computer Entries---No Smoking

             OPEN                        RESERVE
             1st—$325                 1st—$100
             2nd—$175                2nd—$75
             A—$100                    D—$50
             B & Below—$75      E & Below—$40

Goddesschess Prizes for Females in Addition to Above Prizes:
Open: $50 per win/$25 per draw; Reserve: $20 per win/$10 per draw 
Perfect Score Prizes for Females:  $100 in Open/$50 in Reserve.
Don McLean Award for Top Finishing Male in each Section: $100 in Open/$50 in Reserve.

Tournament Director:  Chris Wainscott
Assistant Tournament Directors: Robin J. Grochowski  

SITE:   Hilton Garden Inn---1355 W 20th Ave---Oshkosh, WI 54902—920-966-1300

(Mailed) ENTRIES TO:   Robin Grochowski, 3835 E. Morris Avenue, Cudahy, WI 53110;

Or, enter online:

QUESTIONS TO:   TD Chris Wainscott – 414-839-5232 (cell), after 5:30 pm, or
USCF I.D. Required -- Bring your own clocks – Sets and Boards Provided 
Checks payable to Southwest Chess Club          
                  (Please indicate section desired)       __Open Section     __Reserve Section

 Half point byes requested (circle one):    RD1     RD2     RD3     (RD 4=0 pt bye)

 Name: ____________________________________________________________

 USCF ID#: _________________ Rating: _________ Expire Date: ____________

 Address: __________________________________________________________

 City: __________________________________ State: _______ Zip: __________

 Phone:  __________________  e-mail Address: __________________________

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