Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Happy Holidays 2019!

Hola.  I know it's been awhile since I last posted - sorry, I've been very busy with family and domestic matters.  Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it, Happy Winter Solstice to those who do not!  Now daylight will increase each day, hooray! 

I'm sentimental (as long-time readers know).  A souvenir kilt pin from Castle Duart, home of the McClean clan in Scotland, which Mr. Don gifted to me on one Christmas many years ago.  And the Nefertiti charm that goes on a necklace was also a gift from him one Christmas.  They have been on my Christmas tree each year since as a pairing once I had both.  Appropriately of course, the Knight's sword from Duart Castle is in a lower position in homage to the Queen of Egypt.  I miss him very much but I have happy memories of Christmases past spent with him.

It's a new tree this year, I retired the 6 1/2 footer to the recycling center and bought this 5 foot tall "real tree" version which features PE branches that are soft, pliable and look very much like the branches and tips on an actual pine tree.  It's standing on a 24" inch tall table so I don't feel like a giant when I'm standing near it :)  I decided that next year I'll add another 240 lights, it's not quite bright enough for my liking.  I like a runway bright Christmas tree!

Tonight I will enjoy a fire in the fireplace as I feast on roasted beef and cheesy potato casserole, with turtle cheesecake for dessert.  YUM!  I didn't make the cheesecake but I did make the beef (slow cooked over 8 hours in a sweet red wine sauce with mushrooms, onions and carrots yesterday) and later today I will make the casserole.

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