2012 Goddesschess Canadian Women's Chess Championship R6 and R7

Match-ups for R6 on August 8, 2012:

6. Ronde le 2012/08/08 à 16:00
1101490MA IndyZHOU Qiyu18368
291824SERBANESCU NatasaWCMLIU Jiaxin16667
311925AGBABISHVILI LaliWCMPENG Jackie20096
421362SHI Ling YunROY Myriam19825

Updated Wednesday evening, August 8, 2012:

Hola darlings!  Home from work and finally off the email and telephone with Mr. Don.  Frankly, at this point, I have NO IDEA WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON with the Women's Championship.  This is what I found tonight at Chess-Results.com:

6. Ronde le 2012/08/08 à 16:00
1101490MA Indy½ - ½ZHOU Qiyu18368
291824SERBANESCU Natasa- - -WCMLIU Jiaxin16667
311925AGBABISHVILI Lali1 - 0WCMPENG Jackie20096
421362SHI Ling Yun0 - 1ROY Myriam19825
532158WIMKHOUDGARIAN Natalia1 - 0YUN Chang18864

I have NO IDEA what "- - -" means under the Result for Serbanescu and Liu.  What's more, RESULTS have already been entered for rounds that haven't even been played yet! Take a look:

7. Ronde le 2012/08/09 à 16:00
141886YUN ChangMA Indy149010
251982ROY MyriamWIMKHOUDGARIAN Natalia21583
362009WCMPENG JackieSHI Ling Yun13622
471666WCMLIU Jiaxin½ - ½AGBABISHVILI Lali19251
581836ZHOU Qiyu- - -SERBANESCU Natasa18249

8. Ronde le 2012/08/10 à 16:00
1101490MA Indy- - -SERBANESCU Natasa18249
211925AGBABISHVILI LaliZHOU Qiyu18368
321362SHI Ling Yun½ - ½WCMLIU Jiaxin16667
432158WIMKHOUDGARIAN NataliaWCMPENG Jackie20096
541886YUN ChangROY Myriam19825

9. Ronde le 2012/08/11 à 13:00
151982ROY MyriamMA Indy149010
262009WCMPENG JackieYUN Chang18864
371666WCMLIU Jiaxin0 - 1WIMKHOUDGARIAN Natalia21583
481836ZHOU QiyuSHI Ling Yun13622
591824SERBANESCU Natasa- - -AGBABISHVILI Lali19251

I do not understand what is going on.  I have never seen this kind of thing before.  Has Liu withdrawn? Has Serbanescu withdrawn?  If so, why are scores recorded for Liu but not for Serbanescu?

Wouldn't you think the organizers would communicate what is going on with the sponsor whose name is attached to the Women's Tournament???


Guess who is rather - er - upset (to say the least) at this latest turn of events.  Yeah, ME. MOI. 

Now, take a look at the "current" standings after R6:

Grille américaine après la ronde 9

1WIMKHOUDGARIAN Natalia2158CAN*11111117.0
2AGBABISHVILI Lali1925CAN0*½111½1-5.0
ROY Myriam1982CAN½*½11115.0
4YUN Chang1886CAN00*½1113.5
ZHOU Qiyu1836CAN0½½*11½-3.5
6SHI Ling Yun1362CAN0000*½½+2.0
WCMPENG Jackie2009CAN000*11-2.0
WCMLIU Jiaxin1666CAN0½000½0*1-2.0
9MA Indy1490CAN00½½00*-1.0
10SERBANESCU Natasa1824CAN0-00-----*0.0

Have you noticed what is going on?  It does indeed appear that Serbanescu has withdrawn.  WE HAVE NOT BEEN INFORMED OF THIS.  I have no idea what is going on with Liu who, according to the purported results shown above, has draws already recorded for Rounds 7 and 8 and a loss in Round 9.  Why was she entitled to have scores entered for her, and how were those scores concocted, when Serbanescu receives nothing but dashes?  WE HAVE NOT BEEN INFORMED OF THIS.

Updated August 9, 2012:

Sadly, it has been confirmed that Natasa Serbanescu has withdrawn from the tournament.  And also, today, evidently, rising star Jackie Peng has also withdrawn.  A forfeit was recorded in her round today.  A player ordinarily does not allow that to happen.  Another fine player lost.

I was also informed that, with the agreement of the players involved (Rounds 7-9), Liu Jiaxin was allowed to play those three games I was so puzzled about yesterday at different times other than what would normally be scheduled, because she will not be available to complete the entire tournament in it's normal schedule.  The results that were recorded at Chess-Results.com for Liu were from those games.  If the results of her games, by round, had been reported as if they had been played during the actual round, I would never have known; but as they were reported (see above, my comments from last night and my puzzlement how games could be played when rounds had not yet occurred) all at once before the rounds were played, I had questions!  The information I present here this evening is what I was told in response to my inquiries.

Here are the results for R7:

7. Ronde le 2012/08/09 à 16:00
141886YUN Chang1 - 0MA Indy149010
251982ROY Myriam½ - ½WIMKHOUDGARIAN Natalia21583
362009WCMPENG Jackie- - +SHI Ling Yun13622
471666WCMLIU Jiaxin½ - ½AGBABISHVILI Lali19251
581836ZHOU Qiyu- - -SERBANESCU Natasa18249

Here are the standings after R7:

Grille américaine après la ronde 97

1WIMKHOUDGARIAN Natalia2158CAN*1½111+1118.5
2YUN Chang1886CAN0*0½1+1115.5
ROY Myriam1982CAN½*½½11115.5
4AGBABISHVILI Lali1925CAN01½*11½1-5.0
5ZHOU Qiyu1836CAN0½½*11½-3.5
6SHI Ling Yun1362CAN0000*+½½+3.0
7WCMPENG Jackie2009CAN--000-*11-2.0
WCMLIU Jiaxin1666CAN000½0½0*1-2.0
9MA Indy1490CAN000½½00*-1.0
10SERBANESCU Natasa1824CAN000------*0.0
As you can see, WIM Khoudgarian has completed her play because of that "pre-arranged" game with Liu Jiaxin and the withdrawal of -- well, hell if I can figure it out!  Anway, she has successfully defended her title of Canadian Women's Champion.  None of the other players can catch her in the games left to play.  Congratulations to WIM Khoudgarian for her repeat!

I do not mean to imply that the title was "gifted" to Khoudgarian.  She is not responsible for the withdrawal of the other players. Khoudgarian played good chess and won 7 games of 9 (not including today's draw or the forfeit point). 

The battle now is for second and third place.

Keep in mind that wherever you see a "+" sign, that is a full point awarded by default.  Shi Ling Yun is the beneficiary of two such points.  Her score otherwise is - 1.0 - with one game left for her to play.  Can she muster an actual win by over the board play???

Are you now thoroughly confused?  I sure am.  The cross-table should NOT be reporting results ahead of the actual round for which the "pre-played games" were meant to be inserted OR the results of withdrawing players before the round has been completed!  You're screwing everything up and confusing me, to be sure.  And since I'm writing this blog, I'm your most important reader at the moment.   Please make a note for future reference.  Thank you very much.

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