Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Trying to Stay Warm and Staying Alive, Staying Alive...

February 9, 2019 (sorry for the delay!)

Hola darlings!

Housebound yet again this snowy and super-cold winter in southeast Wisconsin.  UGH!  We got at least 8 more inches of snow overnight.  I shoveled once yesterday, once this morning, and need to go out and do what I hope will be a final shovel a bit later on.  It's still snowing although flurries now, not the wet heavy stuff that pounded us overnight and earlier this morning.

Anyway, after Polar Vortexes, and freezing sleets and ice skating on the sidewalk (not kidding!), and the snow banks reaching up so high I can't throw the snow much higher than it already is, who has time for blogging?  Not moi.  And now tax season is upon us.

Americans, have you seen what the IRS has NOW inflicted upon us?  Not just a single page (on both sides) regular 1040 Federal Income Tax Return that has been the standard for years.  The form where everybody knows what lines to fill out.  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.  Now the return is two half-pages long and you need to attach SCHEDULES.  This was supposed to make the #&$@#*! process simpler, was it not?  Instead, leave it to this clueless wonder of the most stupid administration ever in the entire history of the world to EFF it up even worse than it already was.  The instructions for Form 1040 alone are 117 pages long.  Not joking.  And you have to figure out what schedules you need to fill out in order to complete your Form 1040, and what to attach. RUTSA RUCK!  I've a feeling a lot of people are going to be getting letters from the IRS that will read something like this:

Dear Taxpayer:  Blah blah blah you really effed up your 2018 U.S. Federal Income Tax Return and Schedules.  Please remit $10,000 via wire transfer to Prince Abuki Kababoi, care of Sudanese Embassy, Hanoi, Vietnam.  Please remit within ten (10) days or you will be arrested and sent to a prison camp in an undisclosed southwest desert location with no due process of law.  Because - that's the way we do things in the Trump administration now.  Thank you for your attention to this matter.

I started reading the instructions (no way am I printing out 117 pages on my little printer) online yesterday, a process that is driving me bonkers (can you tell?), and I think I have the Schedules I need now printed to complete the Form 1040.  What a pain in the ASS! I am now enjoying a much needed glass of wine.

I am going to have to tackle my income tax return either later today or tomorrow.  I want to file early this year instead of not receiving my refund check until July, LOL!  Of course, with my luck, Trumpypoo will shut the government down and I won't get a refund check until July anyway.  July 2020.

On a happier note, I just saw this commercial that brilliantly uses chess and thought it was great.  Enjoy!

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