Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Oooooooooh Brother! The Bongcloud Attack Returns!!!

 As possibly the most ignorant and utterly incompetent chessplayer in the entire world since the beginning of time, I confess - I never heard of the Bongcloud Attack.  But it's a real thing.  Geez Louise, who knew?

I can't help it, there are sooo many things about...well, I'll just let you see them for yourselves.  This is the article from The Week online, beginning with a mistake (? or is it deliberate and nefarious...) of mispelling the word "Chess" in "Today in Ches:"

Today in Ches

Chess Grandmasters Can't Stop Laughing After Opening Tournament Match With the Worst Possible Moves

March 16, 2020

Fans of The Queen's Gambit will get a kick out of Monday's match between Norway's Magnus Carlsen and the United States' Hikaru Nakamura at the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour.

The game between the grandmasters started with Carlsen moving his king's pawn up to e4, a popular first move; Nakamura mirrored it. But it was then that things got silly: Carlsen next moved his king up to where the pawn had been, an opening known as the Bongcloud Attack, and "one of chess' worst possible opening moves," Vice reports.

"Don't do this!" one of the commentators watching the match blurted.

When Nakamura saw his opponent's move, though, he burst into laughter — and mimicked it. Both Carlsen and Nakamura had already qualified for the next stage of the tournament, and their Bongcloud game, which was just for laughs, ended in a draw. You can review the game at Chess24Jeva Lange

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