Sunday, April 19, 2015

Hales Corners Chess Challenge XXI - Final Results for the Chess Femmes

First of all, congratulations to Rachel Ulrich who competed in the Open and finished with two wins and two draws for a score of 3.0/4.  Rachel's performance qualifies her for the U.S. national master title at the age of 14, whoop whoop! 

Rachel has joined a select group of other young chess femmes who have also recently earned national master titles:  Carissa Yip, 11 years old, who earned her NM title this February, and Jennifer Yu, now age 13, who participated in the recently concluded 2015 U.S. Women's Chess Championship in St. Louis, Missouri.  Jennifer earned her NM title in 2014.  Another rising young CF, Apurva Virkud, also earned her NM title in 2014 (age 15 or 16, not sure).

Ninety players participated in the Hales Corners Chess Challenge XXI; twelve chess femmes made up their number, for an overall female participation rate of 13.3%.  Three CFs played in the Open, and nine CFs played in the Reserve section (rated under 1600).  Here are the final results:

Open (52 players):

  8.    Ulrich, Rachel J (7) .........  WI 2177 W23   W4    D1    D7      3.0
  16.    Ulrich, Susanna G (41) .......  WI 1586 W41   D24   L13   W33     2.5
  43.    Huang, Alena (35) ............  WI 1657 W51   L19   L22   L25     1.0

Rachel earned $120.00 in Goddesschess prize money.
Susanna earned $100.00 in Goddesschess prize money.
Alena earned $40.00 in Goddesschess prize money.

Reserve (38 players):

  2.    Huang, Sabrina (4) ...........  WI 1436 W6    W17   W7    W12     4.0
 5.    Hoffman, Sandra R (7) ........  WI 1359 L17   W25   W20   W21     3.0
 17.    Wanek, Ellen Ann (16) ........  WI 1171 W5    L2    W33   L8      2.0
 22.    Ball, Salli (25) .............  WI  945 W33   W36   L3    L6      2.0
 30.    Przedwiecki, Alyssa (29) .....  WI  799 L20   L33   L14   W34     1.0
  33.    Gaddipati, Haasa (35) ........  WI  631 L22   W30   L17   L18     1.0
 35.    Romich, Brianna (38) .........  WI nnnn W29   L28   L15   L23     1.0
 37.    Van Oss, Jeanne Marshelle (32)  WI  712 -H-   L6    L13   -N-     0.5
38.    Rice, Dorothea M (21) ........  WI 1052 L23   L31   L29   -U-     0.0

I'll leave it to Robin Grochowski of the Southwest Chess Club to figure out the exact amount of Goddesschess prize money won by each of these chess femmes, but from what I can figure out for myself:

Sabrina earned $80.00 in Goddesschess prize money.
Sandra earned $60.00 in Goddesschess prize money.
Ellen earned $40.00 in Goddesschess prize money.
Sallie earned $40.00 in Goddesschess prize money.
Alyssa earned $20.00 in Goddesschess prize money.
Haasa earned $20.00 in Goddesschess prize money.
Brianna earned $20.00 in Goddesschess prize money and also gets a USCF rating.

Planning is already in progress for HCCC XXII in October, 2015.  This year's U.S. Women's Chess Championship saw the implementation of the Fischer Award for a perfect score for the women (such an award has been tangling out there like a carrot in the U.S. Chess Championship for several years); Goddesschess is working out details for our own version of the perfect score award for chess femmes in the Hales Corners Chess Challenges. Stay tuned! 
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