Saturday, October 18, 2014

Hales Corners Chess Challenge XX

Hola darlings!

I will have full results and all chess femme prize winners, and also the winners of Don McLean's memorial prize ($50 awarded to a player in both the Open and Reserve Sections, based on relative performance rating) tomorrow, it's already late for me and I've yet to eat supper, yikes!

My chess buddy, Ellen Wanek (1070),  who has done so much for chess in the Sheboygan, WI area, played in the Reserve Section and started out with a big bang -- winning her first two games!  She finished at 50%, good for Ellen!  Ellen started in 28th place and moved up to 21st place overall in the Reserve Section.  Ellen wins $40 in Goddesschess prize money for her efforts.

In the Open, Rachel Ulrich (2124), who is pushing hard to reach an ELO of 2200 and earn her United States national master title, finished in 5th place overall in the Open Section, starting out as the 8th ranked player.  You rock, Girl!  She lost her first game, and came back with three straight wins.  For her efforts, Rachel wins $120 in Goddesschess prize money.  I am hoping Rachel wins the Don McLean memorial prize in the Open Section.

Susanna Ulrich (1517), playing in the Open Section, moved up in the rankings, from 43rd to 37th, with 1.5, and wins $60.  Alena Huang (1653), who also played in the Open, finished with 1.5, and wins $60 Goddesschess prize money.  Alena moved from 32nd to 30th place. 

You can check out the final standings at the Southwest Chess Club's blog. 

Congrats to all the chess femmes who participated.  This event's female player participation rate was about 15%, a little more than double the percentage of female players overall in the world.  Good for us!
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