Saturday, September 10, 2011

Chess Femme News!

St. Louis - Kings v. Tournament

First Round - Chess 960 (Fischer random chess) -- men won with the white pieces 4 to 1.  GM Kateryina Lahno was the only plus score for the ladies.  Round 2 rapid began about 5 p.m.

As you probably know by now, since I did not have a chance to report on it this morning before going to the CCI presentations, Judit Polgar lost her her second game against Peter Svidler and so she is out of the FIDE World Cup.  Damn!    It's far too late for her to appear here, however, and in any event she's probably exhausted and just wants to get back home!  Martha Fierro was the reserve for the Queen's team who took her place.  She lost her game to Hikaru Nakamura.

There's been some shifting around of players on the King's team - Karpov is not here - I didn't realize that until lunch today with Alexandra Kosteniuk.  Here is the revised King's team - besides Nakamura:

•IM Marc Arnold (2505) - U.S.

•GM Ben Finegold (2489) - U.S.
•IM Jacek Stopa (2482) - Poland
•NM Kevin Cao (2152) - U.S.

FIDE Women's Grand Prix Shenzhen

Top 3 after R 4 are Zhao Xue (CHN), 3.0, Hou Yifan (CHN), 3.0, and Anna Muzychuk (SLO), 3.0.  More
later.  Right now I've got to get ready for a dinner party.  Official site.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Meeting "Chess Kids" Producer Lynn Hamrick

So, there 'Sis and I were, nattering away with the clerks at Bissiger's and there is Lynn, who asked if we were in St. Louis for the chess doings and we said yes, and the rest, as they say, is herstory!

Lynn produced programming related to or involving children for many years when she was inspired by an article she read about a then very-young Judit Polgar, who at the time was the youngest person ever to earn a GM title.  The ultimate result of what grew into a project was her award-winning video, Chess Kids.

Lynn recently did follow-up interviews with many of the now grown-up protaganists of her original video, some of the most brilliant chessplayers then (and now), in the world, which have been added as a post-script to the original video.

To say Lynn, 'Sis and I had an engrossing and wide-ranging conversation would be an understatement :)

Chess Kids and its post-script will be screened at the Harwood Museum of Art in Taos, New Mexico, on September 17, 2011, introduced by Lynn herself.  Read more.

Lynn is giving a presentation on Chess Kids and its update at the Chess Collectors International meeting here in St. Louis on Saturday 9/10 at 3:00 p.m.  We have found a new friend whose interests overlap so beautifully with our own, and we will stay in touch!  Lynn, thanks for Chess Kids and thanks to the Goddess Serendipity that led to our meeting!

More Exploring St. Louis

Hola darlings!  I finally got Isis stirring around noon when I went in with alarm bells and a fresh cup of black coffee, strong the way she likes.  LOL!  Poor 'Sis!

I mercilessly badgered her until she finally got ready and we left the uncleaned suite about 1:30 p.m. or so - far too late to do any of the things we'd planned the night before, but definitely well-rested.  Wouldn't you know it, we round the corner on Maryland Avenue and I show 'Sis the fountain near Bissinger's, famous for its chocolates, desserts and apertif-wines.  Sis sits down at the edge of the fountain and is looking through something or other when I snap a photo, and then another when she looks up.  Beautiful pictures! Then the fountain goes off and she jumps up and runs toward me.  Then she wants to take my photo in front of the fountain.  Disaster strikes in the form of a recalcitrant fountain that refuses to behave decently.  It douses me once with water; twice; three times.  I found myself 30 seconds later in jeans that look like I'd peed in my pants, and felt like it too.  Damn!

Meanwhile, it starts raining again so, not only am I sopped from the fountain, my frizzy hair (reacted to all the humidity from the rain) is now hanging down in my eyes and I can't see a thing, but is otherwise plastered on the sides of my face.  I look hideous.  To Bissiger's, WE'RE GOING IN HERE, 'SIS.  PERIOD.

And so, we went...

Bless my soul, besides the two clerks behind the counter we were the only souls in the place.  I gesture 'Sis toward the counter displays of mouth-watering chocolates.  That's all I had to do...

I had read about Bissiger's online before arrriving here under "Things to do while you're in St. Louis blah blah....  As I noticed the shop yesterday, right around the corner from the hotel entrance/exit we've been using, it was a no brainer that we would stop in sometime during our stay. 


We stayed for two hours - but not eating and drinking the entire time -- more to tell about that.  Although let me tell you, darlings, the very nice young lady who whipped up 'Sis's hot chocolate made a mini-cup of hot chocolate for me anyway, even though I had not ordered anything but was looking intently at all of the various exotic chocolates for sale.  You can spend an hour just looking at all of the deliciousness on display at Bissiger's, trying to decide what to buy.  It's exhausting work, but someone has to do it.  The nice clerk acutely deduced that I needed a chocolate fix but was not ready for a massive dose - and she acted accordingly.  I predict that young lady will someday run Bissiger's - or be President of the US.  I ultimately purchased some chocolates for a couple of friends where I work, after having sampled one -- it was something like chocolate apple hot pepper salt heaven, or something like that.  I have NEVER tasted anything like it. That chocolate had an after-taste impossible to describe, but absolutely incredible (in a good way).  Let me tell you, the recipients of these small boxes of chocolates will be kissing my stinky feet for the next 10 years for those chocolates, they are that good!

The other clerk at the counter, a young man, was very knowledgeable about the chocolates and the various recipes and history associated with them, and he and 'Sis happily yattered on about the origins of chocolate from the Mayan civilization.  I noshed on a sample of the chocolate apple hot pepper salt heaven and was absolutely entranced when the young man told me that I could order as many or as few pieces of that chocolate, or any other, in the store, and have them gift-boxed.  SOLD!  I never bothered to inquire how much it might cost, those two clerks made entering Bissiger's such a delightfull experience I would have paid a lot just to accomodate them.  I gave the male clerk a nice tip in my purchase.  He was so knowledgeable and not condescending, I asked a few questions about the wines on display and he knew about them, too. 

'Sis and I believe in tipping.  We're both minimum 20 percenters.  Most servers and clerks work very hard for minimum wages and they can and often do take a lot of abuse.  Just because people have to work for a living doesn't mean they can be treated like dirt!  The Bible rightly says that a worker is worthy of his (or her) hire, and we act accordingly.  And it is such a pleasure to engage in intelligent and enlightening conversation with people uniquely knowledgeable about the products they are selling or in the case of servers, serving in a restaurant.  They know the restaurant they work in.  We have noticed that, unfortunately, tipping does not seem to be a common practice amongst some of our fellow chessites here at the hotel.  Disappointing...what can possibly be an excuse for being a cheapskate?

But - back to Bissiger's!  As we were finishing up, another woman came into view at the counter where we were nattering away with the clerks and because 'Sis and I weren't making any effort to be private in our conversation - we were talking about the chess doings we'd come to St. Louis to be part of - the lady said oh, are you here for... and we said yes... and that is how we met producer Lynn Hamrick.

See the next post about our meeting Lynn!

2011 City of Montreal Chess Championships

Hola darlings!  I may be in St. Louis but my heart is in Montreal :)

The Montreal Championnat starts today at the beautiful College Le Beuf location (same as last year).  I just checked the latest pre-registered players and we're up to 193!  Excellent!  Please please please keep those registrations coming in.  There is, of course, open registration this evening before Round 1 begins and if you're still standing in line when the tournament begins you'll get a bye.

I had planned on coming to Montreal for this year's Championnat but then all these events came up, literally in the blink of an eye (so to speak), in St. Louis and, well, darlings, here Isis and I are, in St. Louis.\

So - as it goes, I will be attending the Championnat in spirit only and if I'm still standing when I arrive back at the suite later tonight I will put up a report on the first round's action!  Good luck to Mr. Don, who will be providing photos, etc. from Montreal.   

St. Louis - Some West Central Photos

Straub's, on the corner of Maryland and North Kingshighway Boulevard.
Last night while visiting Straubs, we got some directions to the nearest Walgreens.  Although it was a little farther than anticipated, it was a nice walk this morning, although wet and very humid.  It's bordering on the sun breaking through at times (rain has stopped for the time being) and makes it very uncomfortable (warm and uber-muggy), but when the clouds thicken a jacket or light hoody is welcome.

These photos were all taken while strolling on Lindell Avenue to and from the Walgreens.

I enjoyed the landscaping at this complex.
A few doors down, units in this building (sold out) were going for base price of  $469,000.00.
As I walked, I passed Optimists International.  I thought about how lonely they must be these days.
This building, undergoing renovation, caught my eye.  It's indicative of the structures in the neighborhood.
I approached the St. Louis Catholic Cathedral and espied its mighty dome.  The grounds of the complex are beautiful.
A closer look at the Cathedral.

In the sideyard to the Cathedral's main entrance, an entrancing metal sculpture that is
designed as a gigantic windchime:  The Angel of Harmony.
A close-up of the little girl holding a bird windchime.
The bell tower.
The front doors.  It was hard to get them in one shot - I'm just not good at this photo taking.

I liked this shot of the front of the Cathedral taken from across the street on my way back from Walgreens,
even with the cars in it.  A small group of women were inspecting the Cathedral as I passed by.

Meet Us In St. Louis

I took an interesting walk around the immediate area of the Chase Park Plaza yesterday afternoon while I was waiting for 'Sis to arrive at the hotel.  It is a a bastion of the original wealth in the city from a century ago.  Gated private roads, gigantic mansions, each one trying to outdo its neighbors in appointments and ostentation, lots of high walls blocking off private areas, and really big old trees -- all suffering from drought.  It appears that St. Louis has suffered through much the same weather that Milwaukee has this summer.  I see in this morning's edition of USA today that the entire country suffered through the second hottest summer on record. 

Those houses were mostly built in a time when the wealthy had "staff" to tend to all of their needs - and those gigantic houses.  In a city where the sales tax is 10.99%, I shudder to think what the real estate taxes are on those relics of a glorious past!   I wonder if any of them still have live-in "help" today.  It did not look as if too many of them have been chopped up into flats, so one can only speculate as to the people who are living in those mansions these days...

The forecast for the weekend was rain, but last night it was a beautiful evening.  The sunset was gorgeous - should have thought to get a photo!  You can tell I'm not a camera person!  Later the moon was peaking through the clouds and it was a balmy evening.  Sis opened up the windows in our suite and we enjoyed the fresh air as we ate supper -- goodies garnered from a trip through Straub's, a market a block away from the hotel, that has the most unique mix of merchandise I've ever seen packed into a relatively small space!  Excellent tuna salad on croissant sandwiches, by the way!  We also split an equally excellent Greek salad and stocked up on snacks and drinks.  I'm not paying $3 for a courtesy bar can of Coke the hotel offers in the room - and that doesn't include a 20% surcharge or the 10.99% sales tax!  People in Wisconsin scream abouthow "high" our taxes are and the sales tax here is 10.99%  Holy fricking Cow!

We stopped at Straubs on the way back to the hotel after the dedication ceremony at the Chess Hall of Fame/Museum.  We settled in and turned on the Packers game and had a mini-feast while we cheered on our favorite players and discussed some of the calls made by the refs.  We were both tired after a long day of travelling and I think it was lights out - at least for me - before midnight.

Today the rain has come.  It is pretty grey outside right now, but the rain has stopped for the time-being.  I was up with the sun but 'Sis runs on an entire different schedule than I do; she's used to sleeping during the hot days in Las Vegas and getting active at night into the wee hours of the morning.  I'm just the opposite.  So it's nearly 9 and we should be out and about doing things, making an appointment at the spa, etc., but I have no idea when we may actually get out of here.  Maybe not until tonight.  Think I'm going to head out myself shortly, I can't stand the thought of wasting the day in this suite pecking away on this mini Acer!

Our outfits from last night:

We need Michelle here to take better photos of us!  I love my top, but it makes me look even larger than I am.  I have actually lost weight - honest! Sis maintains her "dancer's" body.  I think we look rather like Jeff and Mutt together...

Chess Femme News!

2011 FIDE World Cup

The first game of Round 5 between Judit Polgar (black) and Peter Svidler (white), ended in a draw. Pins and needles for tomorrow, kids!  Official website

The Doings in St. Louis

I met Susan Polgar last evening at the private dedication of the new Chess Hall of Fame and Museum in St. Louis. We've corrresponded on chess stuff for a few years now, but had not met in person. We had a nice chat about the Goddesschess Scholarship and the state of women in chess in general.  'Sis took a photo with her cell phone that I'll have her forward to me for posting later on.  October will see a formal fundraiser and silent auction once again hosted at the Hungarian Embassy in New York for the benefit of the Susan Polgar Foundation.  

It was a gala event and I recognized some people there, including several chess players.  Nakamura was there, clean-shaven and looking very spiffy indeed in a dark suit and smart black/tan and cream striped tie.  He looked to be something of a chick magnet as he was waiting patiently in the group of people gathered around the "bar" area where servers were handing out free cocktails.  I never did see any hors d'ouerves.  I spotted Ben Finegold, and in a group talking in Russian Alexandra Kosteniuk, Kateryna Lahno and Anna Zatonskih.  All the ladies are very beautiful in person.  I saw several other people whose faces were familiar but to try and put names to faces - that's not my strongpoint!  I pointed out who I could to 'Sis, we sipped soda ('Sis) and water (me) and strolled around checking out some of the fashion faux pas of the attendees.  Oh my.  Rex Sinquefield and his wife, Jean, were there, and had the honor of the ribbon cutting; then there were some inductees into the Chess Hall of Fame named - I heard three: Boris Gulko, Andy Soltis, and Vera Menchik. 

Facade of the St. Louis chess club.  Irina Krush on the right.
 I took one photo only, this shot of the facade of the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of St. Louis.  I didn't notice until I looked at the photo this morning - IM Irina Krush is in it.  She is one of the women who will be playing on the "Queens" team.

Shenzhen Women's Grand Prix 2011

Official site.   Standings - couldn't get the table copied, this touch pad has a mind of its own and I'm lost without my mini-mouse!  Zhao Xue and Hou Yifan of China are 1 - 2 with 2.0 each after 2 rounds. 

Thursday, September 8, 2011


I just checked the results at the official website for the 2011 FIDE World Cup and Judit Polgar has defeated Dominguez after four rapid games and two blitz games, 3.5 to 2.5.  Wow!  GO JUDIT GO!

Judit has made it into the quarter finals and will be playing tomorrow and Saturday, so she's not going to be appearing in the Kings v. Queens Tournament here in St. Louis.  You know that's a disappointment but I would only be able to see the games Saturday and Sunday anyway.  I wish the "Queens" good luck!

Now it's time to find some food!

In St. Louis

I've arrived safe and sound, it was a very smooth and quick flight.  Here are a few photos of the suite I'll be sharing with Isis.

The hotel is quite an impressive ediface and a very large complex. We're right across the street from Forest Park, site of the 1904 World's Fair. It's larger than Central Park in NYC and Isis won't arrive until late this afternoon. I'm going out soon in search of sustenance. I've been up since 4 and only had half a cup of coffee and some juice on the flight.  But first I've got to check if there is any news on Judit Polgar and the FIDE World Cup play-offs after R4.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

2011 FIDE World Cup

R4, G2:  Judit Polgar won with the black pieces to force play-offs tomorrow with Dominguez.  Here is what The Week in Chess said:

Judit Polgar recovered from a loss to Leinier Dominguez Perez in the first game to beat him in 112 moves with black to take the match to a playoff. But this was a fluctuating struggle to say the least.

Polgar will have very decent chances in the rapid where she has major scalps including Topalov last year but the faster the time rates after that will probably favour Dominguez.

There's much more in TWIC's report.  I'm pressed for time tonight, darlings.  I leave for the airport tomorrow a.m. at 5:30 for St. Louis.  GO JUDIT GO.  I will follow her play-offs as I can on my brand new little Acer notebook! 

One note - notice that she was wearing the "leopard print" trimmed black jacket in today game!

Check out the leopard print trim on GM Judit Polgar's black jacket :)

Unfortunately, GM Gata Kamsky for the USA did not fare as well.  He lost again and is going home.  So, the USA has no more representatives playing in the World Cup. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lady Gaga - She's Actually Pretty!

Wow!  I was shocked to see this - and pleased, too.  The woman known as "Lady Gaga," adored by millions of fans, and I guess that qualifies her as a "goddess" of pop, stripped off her makeup and all the wigs and gunk and weirdo clothes and appeared in photos - as herself.

I'm impressed.  I'm not a fan, but I'm impressed by her natural beauty.  She reminds me a great deal of Gwynneth Paltrow.

Chess Femme News

2011 FIDE World Cup

Well, crap, Judit Polgar lost her first game with the white pieces against Leinier Dominguez Perez of Cuba , which means she has to win with black tomorrow in order to go to play-offs on Thursday. 

Polgar is presently scheduled to play in St. Louis at the Kings v. Queens Chess Tournament at the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of St. Louis.  Play begins Saturday, September 10th.  If she makes it through to Round 5, she won't be in St. Louis!  I checked last night at the chess club's website - Martha Fierro is a substitute player for the chess femmes.  If that happens, those women won't stand a chance in hell of a team win for the femmes.  Fierro just is not in the same league as a player of Polgar's caliber.  Polgar was the women's team only chance of winning against Nakamura; I can't see any of the other players, much as I like them, doing anything against Nakamura, or even Anatoly Karpov, a last minute substitute for the men's team.

So, this event has gone from MUST SEE to something much less exciting.

In the meantime, the last US player in the World Cup, GM Gata Kamsky, also lost his game today.  A draw tomorrow sends him home.

Shenzhen FIDE Women's Grand Prix 2011
Shenzhen WGP 2011 Shenzhen CHN Thu 1st Sep 2011 - Thu 15th Sep 2011
Leading Round 0 (of 11) Standings:
1Hou YifanGMCHN2578
2Ju WenjunWGMCHN2536
3Victorija CmilyteGMLTU2525
4Zhu ChenGMQAT2490
5Anna MuzychukIMSLO2545
6Zhao XueGMCHN2497
7Yildiz, Betul CemreWIMTUR2308
8Munguntuul BatkhuyagIMMGL2465
9Elina DanielianGMARM2517
10Alisa GalliamovaIMRUS2498
11Ruan LufeiWGMCHN2477
12Ekaterina KovalevskayaIMRUS2421

Gee, wonder who will win this one?

Botvinnik Memorial (Women)

I can't make heads or tails out of the official website, which is in Russian!  But there are photos of the four chess femmes who played, and I know from The Week in Chess that GM Viktorija Cmilyte won.  The other femmes were GM Koneru Humpy of India, GM Tatiana Kosintseva of Russia, and IM Elina Danielian of Armenia. 

This does not bode well for Humpy:  Viktorija Cmilyte won the women's event and there too the top seed finished last.  That's from The Week in Chess, oh my. 

Botvinnik Memorial w Moscow (RUS), 2-3 ix 2011cat. XII (2545)
1.Cmilyte, ViktorijagLTU2525**01101142676
2.Danielian, ElinagARM251710**01½12610
3.Kosintseva, TatianagRUS25360110**0½2490
4.Koneru, HumpygIND260000½01½**22401

Round 1 (September 2, 2011)
Danielian, Elina- Cmilyte, Viktorija1-053E60King's Indian without Nc3
Kosintseva, Tatiana- Koneru, Humpy0-146C84Ruy Lopez Centre Attack
Round 2 (September 2, 2011)
Kosintseva, Tatiana- Danielian, Elina1-041B12Caro Kann Advanced
Koneru, Humpy- Cmilyte, Viktorija0-145A61Benoni
Round 3 (September 2, 2011)
Cmilyte, Viktorija- Kosintseva, Tatiana1-033D38QGD Ragozin
Danielian, Elina- Koneru, Humpy½-½66D02Queen's Pawn Game
Round 4 (September 3, 2011)
Cmilyte, Viktorija- Danielian, Elina1-061A35English Symmetrical
Koneru, Humpy- Kosintseva, Tatiana½-½69E46Nimzo Indian Rubinstein
Round 5 (September 3, 2011)
Cmilyte, Viktorija- Koneru, Humpy1-032D38QGD Ragozin
Danielian, Elina- Kosintseva, Tatiana1-024A09Reti Opening
Round 6 (September 3, 2011)
Kosintseva, Tatiana- Cmilyte, Viktorija1-038B77Sicilian Modern Dragon
Koneru, Humpy- Danielian, Elina0-152D11Slav Defence

2011 Montreal Open Chess Championships

Website.  I would be remiss if I did not remind you of this great event that starts on Friday, September 9, 2011 in beautiful Montreal, Quebec.  Goddesschess has underwritten expenses since the 2009 Championnat for female chessplayers of merit to appear and play for the title.  This year WGM Alina L'Ami (ROU 2368) will be appearing.

I'm happy to report that at present there are 179 pre-registered players!  This year, for the first time, there is a separate "A" group that will be FIDE rated.  Goddesschess also provides prizes for the top two chess femmes in Sections B, C and D. 

Can we break a record?  2010's Championnat saw 204 players!  In 2009 there were 191 players! 

We'd also like to see a record number of chess femmes participating.  Thus far, here are the names of pre-registered players:

Group A (besides WGM L'Ami):
Myriam Roy (2102)

Group C:
Nicole Chantale (1172)
Diana Serban (1052)
Alika Utepova (?)

Group D:
Lorraine Dubois (1066)
Marie E. Eduoard (unr?)
Roberta A. Fleurisca (unr?)
Yodeline Francois (unr?)
Lauriane Roussel (954)
Sabina Tinica (unr?)
Alison Tsypin (762)

I will check with the organizers to confirm pre-registered femmes.  I'd love to break a record for female participation this year!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

"Honor" Killing Strikes Again: Woman Butchered in Hospital Bed...

...after she gave birth to twins - in Amman, Jordan. 

Jordan woman killed in hospital over pregnancy
AFP – 22 hrs ago.

A Jordanian man was charged on Sunday with killing his 24-year-old widowed daughter in hospital after she gave birth to twins, a judicial official said.

"Amman's criminal court prosecutor charged the man with premeditated murder after he confessed to shooting dead his daughter on Saturday," in Deir Alla in the Jordan Valley, the official told AFP.

The official quoted the suspect as saying "I was shocked that she was pregnant. I was enraged and shot her dead because she did something shameful."

The woman has been a widow for four years.

"The man claimed he wanted to check on the condition of his daughter ... then he shot her in the head," said Ahmad Hwarat, head of the hospital where the killing took place.

Murder is punishable by death in Jordan but in so-called "honour killings" courts can commute or reduce sentences, particularly if the victim's family asks for leniency.

Between 15 and 20 women died in such murders each year in the Arab kingdom, despite government efforts to curb such crimes.

How is this a religion that civilized human being can tolerate in any way, shape, or form?  THE "TRUE BELIEVERS"  KILL WOMEN JUST BECAUSE THEY'RE WOMEN.  Hey, Daddy, are you going to hunt down the 'father' of these twins, cut off his penis, stuff it down his throat and then cut his heart out and watch him die, too?  That's what he deserves, in my book.  What about the twins?  Is some maniac in your family going to kill these innocent babies, too?

And you'll get away with it...

Judit Polgar, 'Felines' and 'Fur'

A collection of Judit photos from over the years. Notice she's wearing faux fur, or fur "animals,"  or "feline" prints in all of these photos:
Judit in furrrrr, Corus 2008, R3

Judit in leopard print at Hoogeven 2006
Judit and lion cub (faux).  2007 Candidates' Matches,
Game 5

We can't forget Judit and the leopard-spotted
alien, and check out Judit leopard-spotted tie...
Circa 2001 - before she had an agent.
Judit in her furrrrrr again, Corus 2008, R7
Judit 2005, from
Judit in leopard prin blouse, unknown date.
From Airport Express website.
I don't know when this photo was taken.  Judit on a beach
(location unknown) with leopard print scarf.  Trim on her
suit jacket is also leopard-spots!  It's from a ;panish
language website reporting on 2011 FIDE World Cup
Possibly same jacket that she wore in photo, above.

Judit during press conference at FIDE World Cup, after R3, Game
2, where she drew with GM Sergei Karjakin and advanced to R4.
Leopard print blouse and leopard print trim on jacket.  Maybe
same outfit as in prior two photos, above.

2011 FIDE World Cup

Oh yeah - here's what some of the dudes did:

My man, Morozevich, offered Grischuk a draw in Game 2, accepted with some shock on Grischuk's part, and he's out of the World Cup.  Oh Moro!  Hey, I totally understand.  You play chess like I wish I could, sigh.

The last U.S. player standing, Gata Kamsky, is going to tie-breaks, along with a hell of a lot of other top players.  Holy Hathor!
Round 3 Match 02
Ivanchuk, Vassily (UKR)011
Sutovsky, Emil (ISR)101
Round 3 Match 03
Zherebukh, Yaroslav (UKR)½½1
Mamedyarov, Shakhriyar (AZE)½½1
Round 3 Match 04
Ponomariov, Ruslan (UKR)½½1
Efimenko, Zahar (UKR)½½1

Round 3 Match 08
Kamsky, Gata (USA)101
Nepomniachtchi, Ian (RUS)011
Round 3 Match 09
Caruana, Fabiano (ITA)½½1
Svidler, Peter (RUS)½½1

Round 3 Match 11
Potkin, Vladimir (RUS)½½1
Vitiugov, Nikita (RUS)½½1
Round 3 Match 12
Parligras, Mircea-Emilian (ROU)½½1
Nielsen, Peter Heine (DEN)½½1
Round 3 Match 13
Le, Quang Liem (VIE)½½1
Bruzon Batista, Lazaro (CUB)½½1
Round 3 Match 14
Navara, David (CZE)½½1
Moiseenko, Alexander (UKR)½½1

Round 3 Match 16
Dominguez Perez, Leinier (CUB)101
Lysyj, Igor (RUS)011

So, 20 players are going into tie-breaks tomorrow.  Eek!  Quick, somebody, what the hell is Kamsky's record in rapid chess and faster play-offs?  What is Nepomniachtchi's record? 

Of the 16 pairs going into today's game, only 6 had clear results to advance to Round 4, including the last woman standing, GM Judit Polgar.  GO JUDIT! 


OHMYGODDES, call the paramedics, I'm having a heart seizure! 

JUDIT DREW GAME 2 WITH KARJAKIN.  That's all she needed - a draw - in order to advance to Round 4.

Round 3 Match 01
Polgar, Judit (HUN)1½ 1.5
Karjakin, Sergey (RUS)0½ 0.5


Play through the game at the official website. 

1. e4 e5
2. Nf3 Nc6
3. Bb5 a6
4. Ba4 Nf6
5. O-O Nxe4
6. d4 b5
7. Bb3 d5
8. dxe5 Be6
9. Nbd2 Be7
10. c3 O-O
11. Bc2 f5
12. Nb3 Qd7
13. Nbd4 Nxd4
14. Nxd4 c5
15. Nxe6 Qxe6
16. f3 Ng5
17. a4 Rad8
18. axb5 axb5
19. Ra7 Rd7
20. Rxd7 Qxd7
21. f4 Ne4
22. Bxe4 fxe4
23. f5 d4
24. f6 gxf6
25. Bh6 Rf7
26. cxd4 fxe5
27. Rxf7 Kxf7
28. Qh5+ Kg8
29. dxe5 c4
30. e6 Qa7+
31. Kf1 Qa1+
32. Kf2 Qxb2+
33. Kg3 Qf6
34. Qe8+ Bf8
35. Bxf8 Qg5+
36. Kh3 Qf5+
37. Kh4 Qf4+
38. Kh3 Qf5+
39. g4 Qxf8
40. Qd7 Qf3+
41. Kh4 Qf6+
42. g5 Qf4+
43. Kh5 Qf3+
44. Kh4 Qf4+ 1/2-1/2
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2011 FIDE World Cup: Judit's R3, G1 Win Against Karjakin Analyzed

Thanks to The Week in Chess for this, which also contains analyses of three other interesting games from R3, G1:

Judit Polgar won a pawn on the white side of a Berlin and converted it. As she said in the press conference if you make a small mistake in this line it can be fatal.

Polgar,Judit (2699) - Karjakin,Sergey (2788) [C67]
FIDE World Cup 2011 Khanty-Mansiysk RUS (3.1), 03.09.2011

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 Nf6 4.0-0 Nxe4 5.d4 Nd6 6.Bxc6 dxc6 7.dxe5 Nf5 8.Qxd8+ Kxd8 9.Nc3 Ke8 10.h3 h5 11.Rd1 Be7 12.Ne4
A rare sideline in the Berlin.
[12...Be6; 12...Nh4]
13.b3 h4
A very commital decision with all sorts of ramifications. Black restricts white's options to expand on the Kingside but the h-pawn is in danger of being weak and maybe ties to the rook to h8.
White doesn't fianchetto her bishop.
14...Rd8 15.c4 b6 16.Rd2 Bc8 17.Rxd8+ Kxd8 18.Rd1+ Ke8 19.Bf4 c5
Another commital move, black will have to watch out for a knight landing on d5.
20.e6 Bxe6 21.Bxc7 f6
22.Bb8 a6 23.Ba7 Bd8 24.Nc3

Polgar thought that Karjakin missed this and perhaps collapsed psychologically. She felt that he played far too quickly following this move.
24...Kf7 25.Na4 b5 26.Nxc5 Bc8 27.cxb5 axb5 28.a4 bxa4 29.bxa4 Re8 30.Rb1
White is a pawn up with very good winning chances.
30...g5 31.Bb6 Be7 32.a5 Bxc5 33.Bxc5
Setting up the potential defence of bishops of opposite colour. The fact his pawns are on dark squares however means this defence may be harder the usual to set up.
33...Re6 34.Rb6 Ng7 35.Be3 Nf5 36.Rb8 Re8 37.Ra8 Bb7
This loses quickly but there no longer seems a defence.
[37...Nxe3 38.fxe3 Bf5 39.Rxe8 Kxe8 40.a6 Kd7 41.a7 Be4 42.Nh2 Kc7 43.Ng4 f5 44.Ne5 Kb6 45.Nf7 g4 46.Nd6 just wins.]
38.Ra7 Re7 39.Bc5 Rd7 40.a6 Bc6 41.Rxd7+ Bxd7 42.Nd2 Ke6 43.Nc4 Bc6 44.Nb6 Nd6 45.Bxd6
The simplest, Polgar has it all worked out.
45...Kxd6 46.a7 Kc7 47.a8Q Bxa8 48.Nxa8+ Kb7 49.f4
The black king cannot return in time.
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