Friday, September 9, 2011

St. Louis - Some West Central Photos

Straub's, on the corner of Maryland and North Kingshighway Boulevard.
Last night while visiting Straubs, we got some directions to the nearest Walgreens.  Although it was a little farther than anticipated, it was a nice walk this morning, although wet and very humid.  It's bordering on the sun breaking through at times (rain has stopped for the time being) and makes it very uncomfortable (warm and uber-muggy), but when the clouds thicken a jacket or light hoody is welcome.

These photos were all taken while strolling on Lindell Avenue to and from the Walgreens.

I enjoyed the landscaping at this complex.
A few doors down, units in this building (sold out) were going for base price of  $469,000.00.
As I walked, I passed Optimists International.  I thought about how lonely they must be these days.
This building, undergoing renovation, caught my eye.  It's indicative of the structures in the neighborhood.
I approached the St. Louis Catholic Cathedral and espied its mighty dome.  The grounds of the complex are beautiful.
A closer look at the Cathedral.

In the sideyard to the Cathedral's main entrance, an entrancing metal sculpture that is
designed as a gigantic windchime:  The Angel of Harmony.
A close-up of the little girl holding a bird windchime.
The bell tower.
The front doors.  It was hard to get them in one shot - I'm just not good at this photo taking.

I liked this shot of the front of the Cathedral taken from across the street on my way back from Walgreens,
even with the cars in it.  A small group of women were inspecting the Cathedral as I passed by.

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