Sunday, September 4, 2011

"Honor" Killing Strikes Again: Woman Butchered in Hospital Bed...

...after she gave birth to twins - in Amman, Jordan. 

Jordan woman killed in hospital over pregnancy
AFP – 22 hrs ago.

A Jordanian man was charged on Sunday with killing his 24-year-old widowed daughter in hospital after she gave birth to twins, a judicial official said.

"Amman's criminal court prosecutor charged the man with premeditated murder after he confessed to shooting dead his daughter on Saturday," in Deir Alla in the Jordan Valley, the official told AFP.

The official quoted the suspect as saying "I was shocked that she was pregnant. I was enraged and shot her dead because she did something shameful."

The woman has been a widow for four years.

"The man claimed he wanted to check on the condition of his daughter ... then he shot her in the head," said Ahmad Hwarat, head of the hospital where the killing took place.

Murder is punishable by death in Jordan but in so-called "honour killings" courts can commute or reduce sentences, particularly if the victim's family asks for leniency.

Between 15 and 20 women died in such murders each year in the Arab kingdom, despite government efforts to curb such crimes.

How is this a religion that civilized human being can tolerate in any way, shape, or form?  THE "TRUE BELIEVERS"  KILL WOMEN JUST BECAUSE THEY'RE WOMEN.  Hey, Daddy, are you going to hunt down the 'father' of these twins, cut off his penis, stuff it down his throat and then cut his heart out and watch him die, too?  That's what he deserves, in my book.  What about the twins?  Is some maniac in your family going to kill these innocent babies, too?

And you'll get away with it...

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