Friday, September 9, 2011

Chess Femme News!

2011 FIDE World Cup

The first game of Round 5 between Judit Polgar (black) and Peter Svidler (white), ended in a draw. Pins and needles for tomorrow, kids!  Official website

The Doings in St. Louis

I met Susan Polgar last evening at the private dedication of the new Chess Hall of Fame and Museum in St. Louis. We've corrresponded on chess stuff for a few years now, but had not met in person. We had a nice chat about the Goddesschess Scholarship and the state of women in chess in general.  'Sis took a photo with her cell phone that I'll have her forward to me for posting later on.  October will see a formal fundraiser and silent auction once again hosted at the Hungarian Embassy in New York for the benefit of the Susan Polgar Foundation.  

It was a gala event and I recognized some people there, including several chess players.  Nakamura was there, clean-shaven and looking very spiffy indeed in a dark suit and smart black/tan and cream striped tie.  He looked to be something of a chick magnet as he was waiting patiently in the group of people gathered around the "bar" area where servers were handing out free cocktails.  I never did see any hors d'ouerves.  I spotted Ben Finegold, and in a group talking in Russian Alexandra Kosteniuk, Kateryna Lahno and Anna Zatonskih.  All the ladies are very beautiful in person.  I saw several other people whose faces were familiar but to try and put names to faces - that's not my strongpoint!  I pointed out who I could to 'Sis, we sipped soda ('Sis) and water (me) and strolled around checking out some of the fashion faux pas of the attendees.  Oh my.  Rex Sinquefield and his wife, Jean, were there, and had the honor of the ribbon cutting; then there were some inductees into the Chess Hall of Fame named - I heard three: Boris Gulko, Andy Soltis, and Vera Menchik. 

Facade of the St. Louis chess club.  Irina Krush on the right.
 I took one photo only, this shot of the facade of the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of St. Louis.  I didn't notice until I looked at the photo this morning - IM Irina Krush is in it.  She is one of the women who will be playing on the "Queens" team.

Shenzhen Women's Grand Prix 2011

Official site.   Standings - couldn't get the table copied, this touch pad has a mind of its own and I'm lost without my mini-mouse!  Zhao Xue and Hou Yifan of China are 1 - 2 with 2.0 each after 2 rounds. 

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