Sunday, September 4, 2011

Judit Polgar, 'Felines' and 'Fur'

A collection of Judit photos from over the years. Notice she's wearing faux fur, or fur "animals,"  or "feline" prints in all of these photos:
Judit in furrrrr, Corus 2008, R3

Judit in leopard print at Hoogeven 2006
Judit and lion cub (faux).  2007 Candidates' Matches,
Game 5

We can't forget Judit and the leopard-spotted
alien, and check out Judit leopard-spotted tie...
Circa 2001 - before she had an agent.
Judit in her furrrrrr again, Corus 2008, R7
Judit 2005, from
Judit in leopard prin blouse, unknown date.
From Airport Express website.
I don't know when this photo was taken.  Judit on a beach
(location unknown) with leopard print scarf.  Trim on her
suit jacket is also leopard-spots!  It's from a ;panish
language website reporting on 2011 FIDE World Cup
Possibly same jacket that she wore in photo, above.

Judit during press conference at FIDE World Cup, after R3, Game
2, where she drew with GM Sergei Karjakin and advanced to R4.
Leopard print blouse and leopard print trim on jacket.  Maybe
same outfit as in prior two photos, above.

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