Sunday, May 12, 2024

2024 Happy Mother's Day!

 Hola!  I'm still alive and kicking.  But these days I'm spending most of my time gardening, cutting the grass and trimming it, (a never-ending chore between March and November) and in this very important election year, paying close attention to politics.

Today, is Mothers' Day 2024, and other than Christmas, to me it's one of the most important "holidays" of the year.  To all of you moms out there, I send my love, hope and power (whatever I have left) to all of you, because it sure does seem to me you all need it.  I've never been a mom, but I know how it goes for my three younger sisters with their children and grandchildren and even great-grandchildren, and the wives of my two younger brothers, and my married friends with their adult children and their offspring. All those kiddos, wowsers.  We've got a BIG family, I didn't need to add any to the Newton/Jablonski family tree :)   

Mom and Me 1951

Today is a perfect beautiful day in home town Milwaukee.  I'm out on the patio sitting in the shade with my feet up.  It's a windy 80 degrees with the sun shining, the grass looks perfect (I cut it yesterday) and with a glass of wine I'm good!  I should be out cutting the front yard lawn because rain is predicted for later today and tomorrow.  To heck with that!  I'm too busy sipping my wine, munching on treats, arguing politics online and enjoying this day.  

That photo is of my Mom and me, date unknown.  I was born on August 19, 1951, so Mom was around 23 years old when she had me.  I sure don't look very happy in that photo, poor Mom!  I was one of those "colic" babies, and I grew up with that same attitude - cranky and ready to fight anyone at any time.  Hey, what can I say, it's in the genes, LOL!   I salute all moms in the USA and around the world.  Without there would BE NO WORLD.  Think about that.  This is why, in my opinion, Eve was much more important than Adam ever was. Mom deserves a Gold Medal for having raised six (I was the first) of us Newton kids, wowsers.  I miss you Mom.


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