Friday, December 28, 2007

Friday Night Miscellany - Demon Plow Operators

Hola Darlings!

Do you suppose if I blew up a plow and its driver I'd be convicted of a crime by a jury of my peers?

I came home tonight to 8 inches of snow in my driveway - the driveway that dondelion and I labored so hard to clear last Saturday. It was obvious because of the hard pack and ruts in the road that the plow had not yet been through my street. So, tired though I was after a long hard day at the office, I pulled out my trusty shovel and worked my way ever so slowly down from the porch to the road and back again, and then cleared out a 10 foot width of open space at the base of the driveway, figuring that once the plow came through the snow would disburse over the cleared area and not pile up into a mountain across the base of the drive that would be frozen by morning.

Ha! I heard that %*)4!@#+@^ come through but by the time I ran downstairs and threw open the front door he was already gone. I would have run after him down the street, that #$(8&^%@+(*, cursing all the way and hurling snowballs.

Of course, I would have had to climb over the mountain of snow that the plow left behind at the base of my once-cleared driveway in order to chase after him. That $^^*&@^(+=*@.

I swear to the Goddess, if I see him, I'll kill him. I'll take my plastic shovel and I'll chase him down and I'll chop his head off with it.

Murder of city plow operators aside, I snapped the photo this evening, just experimenting. I didn't have the camera set to the correct speed but I was too tired to look it up in the instruction booklet, so I just snapped away. This is a scene from my deck (not yet shoveled).

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