Tuesday, July 13, 2010

2010 U.S. Women's Chess Championship - R4

Melekhina-Zatonskih is on move 56 and still going as of a few second ago.  Melekhina has about 4 minutes left plus the increment, Zatonskih had a little over 2 minutes plus increment.

Krush-Rohanyan 1-0
Foisor-Baginskaite 1/2 - 1/2
Zenyuk-Abrahamyan 0-1
Marshall-Marinello 1/2 - 1/2

As expected, Krush defeated Rohanyan, but it looks like she had her hands full to do it!  Abby Marshall gets on the score board with a draw.  Abrahamyan is continuing her winning ways and she's going to be right there at the end -- she's only 1/2 point behind current leader Krush.  Zatonskih must win this game to keep pace with Krush - at least as of the end of R4.

Sure is shaping up to an interesting championship.  I just took a look at Melekhina-Zatonskih - they are moving very quickly now.  Melekhina has 3:26, Zatonskih 3:10.  Rooks were traded and are off the board.  Zatonskih has 2 pawns to Melekhina's 1, Melekhina has a black squares bishop, Zatonskih has a knight.  It's pretty obvious Zatonskih is trying desperately for a win, but short of Melekhina making a blunder, it looks like a draw to me.

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