Saturday, July 10, 2010

2010 U.S. Women's Chess Championship

Believe it or not - I've actually got a 2010 coverage page up at Chess Femme News, hooray!  Now I'm waiting for results.  I'll be adding more photos, links and PGN games as they become available.

Am now following the commentary at the official website, which you can get to by going to and clicking on "live coverage."  It's very early days yet - the games will go on for probably 3-4 more hours.  At the moment, Melekhina, who seemed to play out of her preparation after some moves by Abby Marshall, seems to have gotten back to her groove.  We'll see what happens in that game - I think it is being keenly watched.

The first draw of the game has occurred - in the Closed Junior Championship, between FM Conrad Holt and NM Tyler Hughes - after 18 1/2 moves.  Okay, typical dude game.  Leave it to the chess femmes to bring us fighting chess :)  And you can tweek my oinky female nose for that statement, LOL!

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