Thursday, July 8, 2010

Computer Labs for Kids: South Central Los Angeles - Class 2 and EXTRA!

You can read the latest at Shira's blog.  Here is a short video clip from the first class last week.

Please visit Computer Labs for Kids to learn more about Shira and the Foundation.

There is exciting news!

Computer Labs for Kids Will Have a School in Pakistan!!!

Computer Labs for Kids is happy to announce we are preparing a new project in Pakistan.

We have a donor who has agreed to match the funds you donate towards getting Computer Labs for Kids in Pakistan. This same donor has also agreed to build a school for us. Computer Labs for Kids will be responsible for teaching the instructors, providing the curriculum, organizational structure, and computers. The first class will be 100 kids and each one will receive their own computer as part of the course.

As we deliver a full The Way to Happiness ® course as part of our curriculum, these children will be receive not just computer training, but life-changing values that will help them develop into responsible and moral adults.

We are budgeting for the tablet computer coming in 2011 by One Laptop per Child. We are estimating the entire project will cost $20,000 for all expenses which includes flights, materials, taxes and shipping costs.

Every dollar you donate towards this project will be matched by our sponsor!

If you would like to make a donation, please visit Computer Labs for Kids, click on the link near the top of the page Pakistan, and at the bottom of the new page is a Google Donate.  You can also make a donation at Causes to Computer Labs for Kids.

One thing about Shira - she dreams BIG! 

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