Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Chess is identified as an extremely racist game in this week's "The Spoof" because it is, after all, darlings, based upon a black team versus a white team.*

Oh - I forgot to add it is also classist and homophobic. Homophobic? Oh well...

Govt urges people to boycott "Chess" because it's racist, classist and homophobic
Wednesday, 25 August 2010
After the fiasco about banning Medal of Honour on the ground that it encourages players to kill British soldiers (even though there are apparently no British soldiers in the game), the government now wants people to stop playing chess!

The government says that chess is all about racial domination, with players assuming an army based entirely on skin colour. To make matters worse, they use tactics which stereotype and belittle underprivileged members of society, such as sacrificing pawns. But worst of all, the game is homophobic because of its use of the Queen as the most powerful piece. A Home Office Minister said "The Queen is clearly intended to be a gay general".

More - if you dare...
Well, not quite.

Early Chaturanga pieces, from which, most chess historians tell us, our western chess is directly evolved, often used playing pieces with red and green markings on their "heads" so that players could tell the pieces apart. Highly prized Indian chess sets carved of elephant ivory (before the international ban went into effect that proscribed the trade of ivory items internationally, which has not stopped the trade for a single second - more slight of hand BS from our legislators) often show traces of the original red and green colors. 

Red men versus green men.  Hmmm... Communist Chinese versus Martians, anyone?

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