Sunday, September 5, 2010

Isis Sends News: King Tut DNA Story in National Geographic

King Tut bust. National Geographic.
Looks like Michael Jackson in later years.
Good timing guys, in conjunction with the popular "King Tut" exhibition currently at the Denver Art Museum and an expected $100 million poured into the local economy as a result of people visiting to see the exhibition and spending while in the city.

Master promoter of Egyptian antiquities (not that they need any promotion, ancient Egypt has always been a favorite with people everywhere) Zahi Hawass, Extreme High Mucky Muck of Egyptian Antiquities (he will probably have himself cloned so he never has to give up his position) wrote the National Geographic article.

Here is a nice cover article from the Summit Daily News
King Tut DNA findings
National Geographic reveals the mystery behind the boy-king
By Kimberly Nicoletti
September 5, 2010

And from the National Geographic website
Tut's Family Secrets
September 10, 2010 issue
Includes a neat graphic of Tut's family tree through his great-grandparents.

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