Saturday, September 11, 2010

Stupid, Stupid, STUPID Move

Unbelievable.  The British Museum is letting the Cyrus Cylinder out of its custody - sending it to IRAN.  Absolutely incredibly STUPID.

Cyrus Cylinder row resolved: 'Ancient declaration of human rights' to visit Iran
Submitted by Ann on Fri, 09/10/2010 - 20:12
[Excerpted] The British Museum has announced that it is lending the Cyrus Cylinder to the National Museum of Iran. Together with two fragments of contemporary cuneiform tablets, it will be the centrepiece of an exhibition that celebrates a great moment in the history of the Middle East.

The artefact – which is described as 'an ancient declaration of human rights' by the United Nations – was originally due to arrive in Iran in September 2009. At that time, the British Museum cited the 'political situation' in post-election Iran as the reason for the delay. In August this year, the loan was once again delayed, prompting Iran's Cultural Heritage Organisation to declare it would cut all ties with the British Museum. [I would have given Iran's Cultural Heritage Organization the one finger salute at that threat, one reason why I'm not a Director of a world-famous museum.]

In a statement released today, the British Museum said that “although political relations between Iran and the UK are at the moment difficult”, the Cyrus Cylinder will – after all – be send to Tehran, where it will be on display for four months.

STUPID STUPID STUPID. It's not the people at the National Museum of Iran whose integrity and honor I doubt - it's the Islamic regime in control of Iran that has no honor - none, zero, zip. What's Britain going to do if the regime refuses to return the Cylinder?


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