Saturday, October 23, 2010

2010 World Youth Chess Championships

After R4:

Awonder Liang (U8 Open, USA, no FIDE rating) is hanging in there, in 7th place with 3.5/4.  Standings.

My girl Narmin Kazimova of Azerjaiban is the only player left in the Girls U18 Section with a perfect score:

The lone USA chess femme playing in this section, Data Anjali, is currently in 49th place with 1.5, out of 72 players.

How are the other USA girls doing?

Girls U16:
44th Anna Matlin USA 1923 2.0 (of 97 players)

Girls U14:
21st WCM Chiang Sarah USA 1864 3,0
31st WCM Munoz Claudia USA 0 2,5
34th Regam Jessica USA 0 2,5 (of 99 players)

Girls U12 (posted only through R3):
21st Hua Margaret USA 1943 2,0
40th WFM Liao Simone USA 1673 2,0
62nd Dong Alice USA 0 1,5
79th Oreshko Mariya USA 1651 1,0
90th Virkud Apurva USA 0 1,0 (of 117 players)

Girls U10:
7th Palakollu Samritha USA 0 3,5
21st Devina Sevagharan USA 0 3,0
31st Zlotchevski Nicole USA 0 2,5
46th Singh Reva USA 0 2,0 (of 107 players)

Note: Canada's Kelly Wang is also playing in this section:

41st Wang Kelly CAN 0 2,0
60th Peng Janet CAN 0 2,0
79th Bai Minya CAN 0 1,5

Kelly Wang has won Goddesschess prizes in tournament play in Canada :) Go, Kelly!

Girls U8:
7th WFM Wang Annie USA 0 3,0
14th Joanna Liu USA 0 3,0
16th Nguyen Emily USA 0 3,0
39th Ramesh Kaavya USA 0 2,0 (of 81 players)

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