Monday, October 18, 2010

Hales Corners Chess Challenge XII: Reserve Section Standings for the Ladies

I told you how Shira did playing in the Open section of HCCC XII, here are the chess femmes who played in the Reserve Section, their standings and scores.  37 people played in the Reserve Section.

4. Anjana Murali unr to 1477 3.0 (Anjana has played in scholastic tournaments)
8. Sandra Pahl 1449 3.0
12. Joanna Huang 1367 2.5
18. Alena Huang 1369 2.0
22. Sandra Michelle Alba-Jimenez 806 2.0
32. Sabrina Huang 1075 1.0
34. Isabella Ilchenko 880 1.0
37. me (I would not take a prize that we're putting up the $$$ for even if I qualified for one)

Anjana Murali
Sandra Michelle Alba-Jimenez (?)

If the mental energy expended during a chess tournament could be
captured it would probably be enough to light New York City for
24 hours!  Concentrated mind power at work here.
I hope HCCC XIII will have an even better turnout.  Shira would like to return in April, 2011 for HCCC XIII but much depends on what part of the country her work will take her to at that time.  If she is able to visit me on April 16, 2011, barring unforeseen circumstance, I pledged to her that I would play in my second tournament with her.  Yes, I know - LOL!   

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