Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hales Corners Chess Challenge

We set a new record for this HCCC of number of female players attending:  9!  Out of 77 players, that's a percentage ratio of (quick, pull out the calculator--) almost 12%!  We were very happy with that, and hope to build on that and see more chess femmes at HCCC XIII in April, 2011. 

My friend Shira Evans won $40 for her performance in the Open Section in addition to paid entry in Hales Corners Chess Challenge XIII, should she choose to play.  I'll post other Goddesschess prize winners here soon.

Here are some of the promised photos - but I am experiencing problems loading some the photos from the tournament here, don't know why.  The ones that are working are not necessarily in time-sequence order!

Shira before the start of HCCC XII.

Jan and Shira outside the Chapel at Forest Home Cemetery.  I was saying
something naughty to Shira about Crispin, the photographer :)

Crispin and Shira at St. Josephat's Basilica (crew setting up altar area
in background for a television shoot).

Me digging inside my purse for the Goddesschess flyers.  Tom
Fogec was kind enough to present one to each female player.
The rest went on display and only 1 was left at the end of play.

Some of the female players before the start of a round.  The man
in the background, this was his first tournament too.  He came in
unrated and had a win, and joined the Southwest Chess Club!

Shira at the board before R1.  She started at
Table 16, I believe she finished at Table 11, maybe higher.

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