Saturday, October 16, 2010

Women's Military Uniforms to be Redesigned

About time.  It's not sexist to note that there are obvious physiological differences in the way men and women are built.  The changes that are described in the article are common-sense to accomodate the uniform to a female build and should have been made long ago.  No more droopy-drawer fatiques that are too tight in the butt and across the bust!

Finally, US Army makes progress for women in uniform
by Virginie Montet Virginie Montet – Sat Oct 16, 1:06 am ET
[Excerpted] FORT BELVOIR, Virginia (AFP) – The US Army is testing its first-ever combat uniform expressly designed to fit the female figure, a move seen as an overdue effort to make 160,000 US women soldiers more comfortable.

Among the key changes are the addition of vents in back that provide space for a woman's bust; narrowing of the shoulders; replacement of trouser drawstrings with elastic waistbands; adjustment of waist-to-hip ratios; and alterations to the front and back rise.

Or, as Harwood conceded in language only a fashionista could love: "more material... to accommodate the buttocks."

Other changes include a lengthening of the coat over the hips, and repositioning of rank insignias, sleeve pockets, and elbow and knee patches.

The army said feedback from soldiers complaining that the ACU "does not properly fit most females" prompted the new design, and that preliminary tests showed the uniforms are "less bulky, more comfortable, economical and have improved aesthetics for female soldiers."

The ACU is the successor to the Battle Dress Uniform, or BDU, which the US military had assigned its troops from 1981 until 2005.

Robinson said at first she was concerned that the uniform "was going to be too tight, and unnecessarily cling to a woman's figure."

But the major quickly warmed to the idea of trading in her unisex ACU for more form-fitting fatigues that make her feel like a professional soldier.

"I'm not wearing my brother's pants, I'm wearing something made for me."

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