Saturday, November 6, 2010

Registration Now Required to Vote in USCF Elections

I just read this at the USCF website.  Effective with 2011 election(s) and afterward - it is no longer enough to be a paid in full current member of USCF over the age of 16 in order to vote in its elections.  As of 2011, one will also have to REGISTER in order to vote.  Say what?  What the hell for? The USCF has held elections for years without requiring "registration" of eligible voters.  What is the rationale behind this new requirement?

Sounds like a scheme to suppress voter turnout - how unfortunate.  We need MORE USCF members voting, not less!  But you know what will happen - some members who do not read USCF online and do not receive the magazine will be totally in the dark - and will be locked out of voting if they desire to do so, when the time comes.  Speaking of which, how does a member vote who does not receive a ballot wrapped on the outside of Chesslife Magazine?  With the option now for membership at a lower cost without getting the magazine, how does a member get a ballot if one does not get the magazine?  Is voting online now available???  Does one have to WRITE to USCF and REQUEST a paper ballot? 

Where is this information published at USCF's website?  Inquiring minds want to know!!!

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