Sunday, December 12, 2010

2010 Women's World Chess Championship

No Russian players left in WWCC 2010!  Skripchenko defeats Cmilyte - I'm shocked by that as well, as these days Skripchenko devotes more time to playing poker than playing chess. 

Summary from the official website on the R3 play-offs:

Four matches were decided on tie-breaks today. Hou Yifan, Almira Skripchenko, Harika Dronavalli and Ruan Lufei have qualified. The last Russian player Aleksandra Kosteniuk lost the match to Chinese player Ruan Lufei after 2 rapid games. The match ended with 1,5:0.5 score. The encounter between Hou Yifan and Zhu Chen was the second one which was determined after the rapid games. The first one was drawn but the second one finished on a favor of Chinese prodigy. After two draws in rapid games, Almira Skripchenko won both blitz games against Viktorija Cmilyte and promoted to the 4th round.

The first Armageddon game at the championship happened in the match between Maria Muzychuk and Harika Dronavalli. Ukrainian player won the first blitz game with black but her opponent succeeded to take revenge. After drawing of lots Harika Dronavalli got the right to choose the color of her pieces. She preferred to play with black. Therefore Maria Muzychuk, playing white, had to make a full point in order to win the match. According to the rules of Sudden Death game in case of a draw Black promotes to the next stage of the event. After the tense struggle Harika won by time.

Aleksandra Kosteniuk lost her title!
Durıng the tie-break match wıth Chinese player Ruan Lufei, already former world champion lost the first game and did not manage to equalise the score in the match.

Ruan Lufein and Alexandra Kosteniuk, R3 play-offs

Coverage from around the web:

Susan Polgar's blog - The Final Eight
Haven't found any other blogs updating their info to R3 play-off results yet (3:11 p.m. CST)

Round 3     
           Round 3 Match 01    
          Kosteniuk, AlexandraRUSGM2507½½0½       
          Ruan, LufeiCHNWGM2480½½1½   Round 4   
           Round 3 Match 02    
          Koneru, HumpyINDGM26001½     Round 4   
          Zatonskih, AnnaUSAIM24780½     ½    
           Round 3 Match 03    
          Hou, YifanCHNGM259110½1   Round 4   
          Zhu, ChenQATGM247701½0       
           Round 3 Match 04    
          Zhao, XueCHNGM24741½     Round 4   
          Dembo, YelenaGREIM24540½     ½    
           Round 3 Match 05    
          Cmilyte, ViktorijaLTUGM2514½½½½00 2    
          Skripchenko, AlmiraFRAIM2460½½½½11 4Round 4   
           Round 3 Match 06    
          Lahno, KaterynaUKRGM25221½     Round 4   
          Huang, QianCHNWGM24020½     ½    
           Round 3 Match 07    
          Muzychuk, AnnaSLOIM25300½     ½    
          Ju, WenjunCHNWGM25241½     Round 4   
           Round 3 Match 08    
          Harika, DronavalliINDIM2525½½100114Round 4   
          Muzychuk, MariyaUKRIM2462½½011003 

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