Monday, December 13, 2010

Nahua God of Games

From The National Geographic:

Gaming God
Image courtesy Barbara Voorhies

A deity of games for the Nahua, an Aztec people of central Mexico, is pictured in a 16th-century illustration.

The Aztec played games of chance and skill, including bowling and checkers.

"The Indian casino thing, in a way, is not anything new—this has always been a popular activity," noted John Johnson, curator of anthropology at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History in California, who was not involved in the Chantuto-holes research.

Published December 13, 2010


carlos lascoutx said...

...oh, that's macui xochitl(N)=
5 flower, in the buzzard/tzopilotl
buzzard(day 16/trecena 16, the
southern bacab, and later mayan
writing sign=tz'ib/wax in the tzolkin). 5 flower is often depicted as black xolotl, he's god
of tobacco, evening star twin of
quetzalcoatl, clown/proto-devil,
and arguably the oldest god in
mexico so far. dogwood tobacco
leaf is named in his memory.
thoreau calls him, macuo xigil,
in, the maine woods, when he describes what his guide smokes.
color red is associated with him
as he leads the sun through the
underworld every day. one of his
games is patolli played on a cloth
board with diagonal lines like tic-
tac-toe and one throws dadoes/dice
trying to get 3-in-a-row in the
oh, different subject- as i was
writing along in tzopilotl.wordpress
i started to do the wordstring,
copina(Nauatl) and came up with,
kubaba(turkish caryatid and mother
goddess), who is copper/cup/chariot.
she's the succesor
of tlatla cave goddess, who was
our fire drill.
kubaba is the marvel of copper.
she starts about 3309bc or
earlier as the quetzalcoatl
expedition sailed for chaunis
drop off(near our georgia)but
sailed into the gulf of mexico instead, where generations of
mexican scholars have been
trying to decipher, tamoanchan,
as, we are looking for our home?,
fat chance quetzalcoatl would have forgotten where he came from,
cf., roanoke(lee miller)and
haklyut's voyages for the real
text of the word. -chan=chantli(N)=
house, but mex lexicographers
haven't broken temoayan yet, and
that's the key word identifying

carlos lascoutx said...

...update on Tamoanchan(Mex)=
Chaunis Temoan(Haklyut's Voyages)=
Chauhnecocoya Temoayan(Nauatl)=
The devil's cliffs(possessed
by the demon), Georgia, USA.

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